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Properties are information of any kind, which are linked to a compound and/or a reference record. The information of the property is given by a list of field names and their content description.
All fields have a (long) name as given in the table below. The usage is to write field name and content in one line: {FieldName} space {Content}, e.g. 'MeltingPoint 10'. A 'container' is a record containing individual sublevel properties. All of the properties are belonging to a property data type. SciDex has predefined properties. The user may define new properties (see: Edit Properties Definitions).

Picture: Edit Property window

Property Property DataType Explanation
MeltingPoint Temp Melting Point.
BoilingPoint Temp Boiling Point.
Nucleus Nucl Nucleus / Isotope.
Data Text/Value Unclassified information.
Comment Text Any additional text.
Graph Container Graphical data.
Graph.Table GraphTable Graphical data.
Graph.Title Text Title for Graphic.
ChemStruct Container Chemical structure / conformation.
ChemStruct.Drawing Structure Chemical structure / drawing.
ChemStruct.Title Text Title for structure.
Picture Container Picture / vector graphic / WMF.
Picture.Metafile Metafile Picture / vector graphic / WMF.
Picture.Title Text Title for picture.
MSPeaklist Container MS spectra as list of peaks.
MSPeakList.Peaks PeakList Peaks of a MS spectra.
MSPeakList.SourceID Text Source identification of the MS spectra.
Flavor Container Flavor record.
Flavor.Flavor Text Flavor text.
Flavor.Threshold Text / Value Threshold of flavor.
Flavor.CIP Text CIP description of enantiomer.
Flavor.OR Text Optical rotation of enantiomer.
NMRSignal Container NMRSignal record.
NMRSignal.d Value Signal of NMR signal.
NMRSignal.Nucleus Nucl NMR nucleus (isotope and element).
NMRSignal.J Text coupling of a NMR signal.
NMRSignal.Temp Temp Measuring temperature of NMR signal.
NMRSignal.Standard Text Internal standard of NMR scale.
NMRSignal.Solvent Text Solvent used for NMR signal.
NMRSignal.Method Text Method used for NMR signal.
GCChir Container Separation by enantiomers by gas chromatography.
GCChir.Phase Compound Stationary phase (as compound).
GCChir.Method Text Method.
GCChir.Detection Text Detection method.
GCChir.Tradename Text Tradename of used phase.
GCChir.Supplier Text Supplier of used phase.
GCChir.Column Text Description of the used column.
GCChir.Treatment Text Treatment of the used column.
GCChir.Carrier Text Carrier gas.
GCChir.K1 Value K1 value.
GCChir.K2 Value K2 value.
GCChir.Alpha Value Alpha value.
GCChir.Resolution Value Resolution value.
GCChir.TempConst Temp Constant working temperature.
GCChir.TempStart Temp Starting temperature.
GCChir.TempEnd Temp Final temperature.
GCChir.Flow Value Flow rate.
GCChir.Pressure Press Inlet pressure.
[New] Text / Value New Property defined by User. Click and edit this property to define your own database records.

Rules for new property field names:

1. use only Textcharacter (A to Z) and _. Not allowed are spaces.
2. Only one period (.) is allowed in the name. This period separates the container name from the sublevel field name.
3. The use of the names is not case sensitive. "NMR* and "nmr" are the same

Property Data Types

Each property has one or more subclasses, e.g. the property Graph has the subclasses Colour and Comment. In the table below all properties and subclasses are described.

Property Data Type Explanation
Container Higher property with sublevel fields.
Text Text / string.
Value floating point value, incl. Ranges.
Text / Value Text, also analysed as value.
Number Integer, number without floating point.
Metafile Windows graphic file.
Structure Chemical Structure, 2D or 3D.
Compound Links to a (second) compound.This entry allows, that a compound is part of the property of another property.
Reference Links to a (second) reference.
Date Date  YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm.
GraphTable Graphic table: A table of numerical data which can be displayed as a 2D or 3D graphical image.
Color Colour used to display the whole record.
Temp Temperature in [C].
Pressure Pressure in [hPa].
Nucleus Nucleus / Isotope.
PeakList List of peak + (intensity).

Formatted Fonts in Properties

It is possible to use formatted fonts in Properties, by using a subset of the RTF ("Rich Text Format") specification. To use one of these special character types, include the formatted text in curly braces, and precede the text in the braces with a backslash and the formatation symbol.

The available formatations include

 H{\sub 2}O{\sub 2} (subscript) => H2O
{\super 13}C (superscript) => 13C
{\b Bold}=> Bold
{\i Italic} => Italic
{\ul Undeline} => Underline
{\f1 abgd} abgd (Greek letters) => abgd
{\gr abgd} Same as "\f1", but not a standard RTF-tag.
For greek letters, both "\f1" and "\gr" are valid for input of data, but SciDex itself will always use "\f1". Tags can be combined in any which way (with the obvious exception of "\sub" and "\super"), and the curly braces can be stacked and nested at will.

Example for combination

{\b\i Bold & Italic {\ul and underlined}, not underlined {\gr with greek}}
Bold & Italic and underlined, not underlined with greek}

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