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Formatted Fonts in Properties

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It is possible to use formatted fonts in Properties, by using a subset of the RTF ("Rich Text Format") specification. To use one of these special character types, include the formatted text in curly braces, and precede the text in the braces with a backslash and the formatation symbol.

The available formatations include

 H{\sub 2}O{\sub 2} (subscript) => H2O
{\super 13}C (superscript) => 13C
{\b Bold}=> Bold
{\i Italic} => Italic
{\ul Undeline} => Underline
{\f1 abgd} abgd (Greek letters) => abgd
{\gr abgd} Same as "\f1", but not a standard RTF-tag.
For greek letters, both "\f1" and "\gr" are valid for input of data, but SciDex itself will always use "\f1". Tags can be combined in any which way (with the obvious exception of "\sub" and "\super"), and the curly braces can be stacked and nested at will.

Example for combination

{\b\i Bold & Italic {\ul and underlined}, not underlined {\gr with greek}}
Bold & Italic and underlined, not underlined with greek}

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