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Intellectual security of data - Scientific security of data - Physical security of data


TOPIntellectual security of data

SciDex provides the functionality to give access rights for reading, editing or master use of a database.

A database can be protected by a computer specific key code or by a user specific password. Further, the records contain the user ID and computer ID of registration. The key code registration is the most strongest method, because the database can only run on a different computer, if the origin computer of the database generates a specific key code for this computer. This key code is not valid on any other computer, whereas a password might be given to other people without control of the database owner.

(This functions are only available for the host version).

TOPScientific security of data

SciDex is controlling as much features as possible to do unique and correct registration of data. Message boxes and report files inform the user about possible errors in the data. Still, the final decision is made by the user.

TOPPhysical security of data

SciDex is programmed in a way, that a normal usage of the program should never create mistakes. But errors can occur from various reason, for example the crash of other programs in multi tasking mode, blackout of electricity during file saving, physical damage of files. etc.

SciDex tries to prevent all problems as good as possible:

For example,
you import a file to a database and unplug the computer during this process. SciDex can reopen the database in most cases (but without guarantee) and you can continue to import the data. Some index files might be damaged, but they will be restored in seconds by reopening the database. SciDex contains further functions for any unexpected case: Verify Data Structure and Rebuild Data Structure.


SciDex has no undo function!

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