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Data Exchange


Data exchange with other programs is possible in the ways:

1. Exchange by files
2. Exchange by clipboard
3. Exchange by direct interaction of two programs

OLE and DDE exchange is not possible and not intended by SciDex, because OLE and DDE are only 'optical' exchange methods, but do not give access to numerical data exchange.

1. Exchange by files
    1.1 Chemical structures
            MOL files, SKC files
    1.2 Chemical data
            SDF files, ASD files
    1.3 Presentation data and graphics
            RTF files, WMF files
2. Exchange by Clipboard
    2.1 Chemical structures
            MDLCT, ..
    2.2. Text and Images
            ANSI text, WMF, RTF
    2.3. Tables
            XLS, SYLK
3. Exchange by direct interaction of two programs
A direct co-operation between ChemoGraph and WinMopac is under construction.

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