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GraphTool has a number of tools to assist you in analysing your data. You can compute the mean, the minimum, the maximum, the standard deviation, a linear regression and you can fit a curve to your data. Also you can add curves from formulas.

If your graph contents more than one curve, the computations will be done for all curves in the graph!

Selecting a option again deletes the selected mathematical function from the graph. The option Remove all Math deletes all selected mathematical functions from the graph.

Mathematics Menu Structure

Remove all Math
Linear Regression
Polynomial Fit
Cubic Spline
Standard Deviation

TOPMathematics Menu Description

Function Short Description
Remove all Math Remove all selected mathematical functions from the current graph in one step pull down the Mathematics menu and select Remove all Math.  Learn more ...
Mean/Min/Max Mark the minimum and maximum and plot the mean curve for the x- and y-axis values separately by selecting the Mean/Min/Max  Learn more ...
Linear Regression Fit a straight line to your data which is often called linear regression y = a + xb by selecting the option.  Learn more ...
Polynomial Fit Calculate a higher order polynomial fit by selecting nth order polynomial fit. GraphTool ask you in a dialog window for the grade of the polynomial fit. Grade one gives the linear regression again.  Learn more ...
Cubic Spline Calculate a cubic spline to the current curves in a graph by selecting Cubic Spline.  Learn more ...
Standard Deviation Calculate a standard deviation to the current curves in a graph by selecting Standard Deviation options.   Learn more ...
Formula Calculate a user defined formula to display in Graph.  Learn more ...

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