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Making Graphs with GraphTool

The graphic program GraphTool is part of the SciDex technology. GraphTool is an easy-to-use graphic program for viewing, analyzing and plotting scientific data. Although it is specially designed for the use with SciDex, GraphTool can be used as a standalone program (for details refer to the installation guide of SciDex).

GraphTool provides a lot of features to let you look at your data in a number of different ways e.g. 2- and 3-dimensional graph’s with linear, semi-log and log-log axes scaling. You can analyze your data with the implemented standard tools for linear regression, standard deviation, polynoms higher order, cubic spline and mean, minimum and maximum value of a curve. Also it is possible to calculate user defined mathematical formulas.

The graph can be designed by the user in various ways. You can change titles (including the Greek alphabet), symbols, line styles, colors, axis scaling and many more. It is easy to print the graph on your printer or to copy the graph or the data into the clipboard and paste the graph in any text document or paste the data in MS-Excel.

The graphs have clickable text and axes. Move the mousepointer on a text and double-click. The data editor for changing text will be opened. Move the mousepointer over an axis, if the mousepointer changes to a cross double-click and the dialog window for axis design will be opened.

The mousepointer also changes to a cross if the current mouseposition is the position of a data point of a curve. Press a mouse button to see the x- and y-value of the current point, if there are notes, the related note entry in the note list will be highlighted.

You can scale the graph-window on the screen, but the screen scaling will not be used for the clipboard or the printer!


Number of Values per Curve: 32000
Number of Variables per Curve: 75
Number of Curves per Graphic: 200
Number of Graphics on Screen: 5

TOPGraph Menu Structure

2dimensional >> Lines/Curves
Curves and Area
Line Spectrum
3dimensional >> Lines/Curves
Curves and Area
Line Spectrum
Design >> Lines or Histogram
Show Notes
Curve numbering on/off
Choose x and y
Delete Curve

TOPGraph Menu Description

2D and 3D

All Links from table below describe SciDex GraphTools

Function Short Description
Lines/Curves Show a data as a line or curve.   Learn more ...
Curves and Area Show a curve and shades a area below the curve down to a x-axis.  Learn more ...
Histogram Compute a histogram, select Histogram. Graph-Tool computes a histogram of your data.  Learn more ...
Points/Symbols Select a scatter diagram.   Learn more ...
Line Spectrum A special feature is the Line Spectrum option.  Learn more ...

TOPDesign Tools

Function Short Description
Lines or Histogram Select a Lines or Histogram option provides you an dialog window for customizing line type or histogram type.  Learn more ...
Axis Open a dialog window to set Axis display options.  Learn more ...
Text Open a dialog window to set graph title.  Learn more ...
Annotations Open a dialog window to set graph annotation.  Learn more ...
Show Notes Select the Notes option to show the notes on the curve.   Learn more ...
Curve numbering on/off Select Curve numbering to switch on or off  numbers of curves. Learn more ...
Choose X and Y Change the variables chosen for x- and y-axis by selecting Choose x and y.  Learn more ...
Rescale Rescale your graph by using the minimum and maximum of the data in the graph for scaling the x- and y-axis.  Learn more ...
Delete Curve Delete curves from a Graph.   Learn more ...
Interval Set interval which data will be plotted.  Learn more ...

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