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Copy Text
Copy Image
Paste Image
Rotate Structure
Select All
Unselect All
Name Window
Edit ... (Compound, Reference, Property)
Edit Structure
Modify Properties
New Compound
New Property
New Reference

* These entries are not available, when the version is restricted to a single database (Viewer version of SciDex).
** This item is only available, when there is already a graph opened.

TOPEdit Menu Description

Clipboard Functions

Function Short Description
Copy Text Copy a data from a current active window. Learn more ...
Copy Image/Structure Copy an image or structure from a current active window. Learn more ...
Paste Image/Structure * Paste image into a structure or image field. Learn more ...

TOPRotate Function

Function Short Description
Rotate Structure Rotate chemical structure. Learn more ...

TOPResult List Functions

Function Short Description
Select All Select all results from a current list of results (if one). Learn more ...
Unselect All Deselect all selected results from a current list of results. Learn more ...

TOPDatabase Edit Functions

Function Short Description
Delete Delete a record permanently from the database with this menu entry. Learn more ...
Name Window Allow to discern multiple windows of the same type. This can occur, if the "keep" button on a window is pressed, prior to loading a new window of the same type. Learn more ...
(Compound, Reference, Property)
Edit the current record of the active window, e.g. the current compound, reference or property from a Single Compound Window, or a Single Property Window or from a Single Reference Window.
 Learn more ...
Edit Structure Edit the current structure with the SciDex structure editor.  Learn more ...
Modify Properties Allow the modification of several properties at the same time.  Learn more ...
New Compound Open the New Compound window to add a new compound to the current database.  Learn more ...
New Property Open the New Property Window to add a new property to the current database.  Learn more ...
New Reference Open the New Reference window to add a new reference to the current database.  Learn more ...

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