LiqCryst 3.1 for Polymers

Database of Liquid Crystalline Polymers for Personal Computers

LiqCryst for Polymers 3.1 is a subset of LiqCryst 3.1. The program, the special functions, the sources, the structural representation, the updating and the system requirements of LiqCryst for Polymers 3.1 are the same as for LiqCryst 3.1.

This database, however, contains a special selection of data based only on polymer liquid crystals and related materials. It is therefore being developed for scientists who are working in the field of polymer liquid crystals. The data contained within LiqCryst for Polymers 3.1 assembles all currently known polymerizable monomers, cyclic oligomers, side chain polymers, main chain polymers, combined polymers, natural occuring polymers as well as alternating copolymers. Structures and associated data for about 12000 compounds are collected.

However, please be aware that all the data assembled in LiqCryst for Polymers 3.1 are available in LiqCryst 3.1, too!

Send questions to: LiqCryst or Fujitsu FQS