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Group Members of the AK Vill

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Sven Gerber

email: gerber [at] liqcryst.chemie.uni-hamburg.de

Götz Milkereit
email: milkereit [at] liqcryst.chemie.uni-hamburg.de

Gaja Peters
email: peters [at] liqcryst.chemie.uni-hamburg.de

Volkmar Vill
email: vill [at] liqcryst.chemie.uni-hamburg.de

Matthias Wulf
email: wulf [at] liqcryst.chemie.uni-hamburg.de

Former Members of the Group

Angelika Borwitzky
email: -

Naho Fujimoto
email: -

Gunnar Gesekus
email: gesekus [at] liqcryst.chemie.uni-hamburg.de

Nicole Heine
email: heine [at] liqcryst.chemie.uni-hamburg.de

Markus von Minden
email: markus_von_minden [at] mckinsey.com

Matthias Paul
email: paul.m [at] debitel.net

Serguei Pestov
email: pestovsm [at] hotmail.com

Hanns-Walter Tunger
email: hw.tunger [at] talknet.de

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