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Companies related to Liquid Crystals

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Displays and Opto-Electronic

Bona Fide Technology: display optimization and modelings


CRL Opto: Shutters and Microdisplays

Displaytech: shutters and displays

LCD Manufacturers Headquartered in Hong Kong

LG.Philips LCD

LXD Inc.: TN and STN Displays


Rolic Technologies


Sharp UK

T & D Technology Limited

Yip Shing Metal: LCD cConnector

Information and Software

autronic-Melchers: Measuring and modeling of LCD, measurement equipments

LCI Publisher

MOUSE-LCD Simulation Software


Asia Pacific Petrochemicals Ltd: liquid crystal intermediates

Dainippion Ink

Kingston Chemicals (University of Hull)

Merck Liquid Crystals

Nematel and FFL Funktionsfluid GmbH: dichroic dyes, filled nematics, mesogenic oils and greases

Porphyrin Systems: Porphyrins

SYNTHON Chemicals: Liquid Crystals, Reactive Mesogenes and Intermediates

Recruiting Agencies, Job Advertising and Employment Information

Engineering Solutions Int'l

Research Equipment

autronic-Melchers: Measuring and modeling of LCD, measurement equipments

BNS Boulder Nonlinear Systems: custom optical systems, microdisplays, spatial light modulators

Eldim: Electronics for Displays and Imaging Devices

Instec: microscope hot stages etc.

LC Vision: liquid crystal analysis

Temperature Measurements and Thermotropic Materials

Color Change Corporation: thermochromics and photochromics

Hallcrest: temperature-indicating technology, heat sensitive liquid crystals etc.

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