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LiqCryst Compound LC 85026

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    Compound description:

    LC Reg. Number:85026


    PTCr -15 N 90 is(14)
    PTCr <20 N 90 is(21029)
    OpticsΔn +0.15, T=20°C(14)
    OpticsΔn +0.1426(21029)
    Dielectricsε|| 16.8, T=20°C(14)
    Dielectricsε┴ 4.6, T=20°C(14)
    DielectricsΔε +12.2, T=20°C(14)
    Datause: static and dynamic drive, outdoor application(14)
    Datause: host mixtures for dichroic dyes(14)
    Dataο 31 mm2/s, T=20°C(14)
    Dataο 118 mm2/s, T=0°C(14)
    DataV10 1.92 V, T=20°C(14)
    DataV90 2.64 V, T=20°C(14)
    DataPDLC polymer dispersed liquid crystalPP 38(1)362
    Datalight scattering (PDLC)PP 38(1)362
    Datahost for dichroic dyesMCLC 332,27
    Datahost for dichroic dyesMCLC 209,39
    Dataalignment, pretiltMCLC 262,45
    DataPDLC, light scatteringMCLC 261,383
    Dataο 31 mm2/s, T=20°C(21029)
    Dataο 5200 mm2/s, T=-30°C(21029)
    Dataγ1 238 mPas, T=20(21029)
    Datause: standard 2nd minimum TN LCDs(21029)


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    MCLC 261,383
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    MCLC 262,45
    Title: Temperature dependence of LC-molecular alignment on rubbed polymer layer
    Author: Han, K.Y.; Uchida, T.
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    Internet Resource: DOI: 10.1080/10587259508033511
    MCLC 332,27
    Title: Designing a black mixture by dichroic dyes for liquid crystal devices
    Author: Umanskii, B.; Prudnikova, E.; Torgova, S.
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    Internet Resource: DOI: 10.1080/10587259908023740
    PP 38(1)362
    Title: Interplay of morphology and anchoring on PDLC light scattering
    Author: Drzaic, P.S.
    Source: Polym. Prepr.
    Volume: 38 (1)
    Page: 362-363
    Year: 1997

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