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LiqCryst Compound LC 55877

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    Compound description:

    LC Reg. Number:55877
    Molecular formula:C40H80NO8P
    Mol mass:734.039 g/mol


    PTCr 25 X 40 X 80 Q 118 A ? is(6933)
    PTlyotropic LCMCLC 67,89
    PTlyotropic LC(8815)
    PTlyotropic LC(9635)
    PTlyotropic LC(9693)
    PTlyotropic LCJACS 108,8064
    PTlyotropic LC(11514)
    PTlyotropic LC + AspirinMCLC 260,611
    PTlyotropic LCJPC 91,4625
    PTlyotropic LC, doping effectMCLC 319,75
    PTsinters 75-79, dec 235JACS 72,942
    PTlyotropic LCMCLC 63,193
    PTlyotropic LC, + UDCAHJPC B101,8477
    PTlyotropic LC, + DapsoneLCOF 4,429
    PTlyotropic LC(22786)
    PTlyotropic LC(22793)
    ThermoΔH 106 kcal/mol, T = 37.6 °CMCLC 68,69
    ThermoDSC (liposomen)(13005)
    ThermoDSCMCLC 262,179
    ThermoDSCJACS 110,6804
    Order(T) lyotropic(9841)
    Order(T) lyotropic(9841)
    X-Raydiff. <5% H2O(1958)
    X-Raydiff. (lyo)time-resolved(12420)
    X-Raydiff. (lyo) + EANJPC 91,4625
    X-Raydiff. (lyo)MCLC 319,75
    X-Raydiff.JACS 72,942
    X-Raydiff. + 5CBMCLC 304,171
    X-Raydiff. (lyo)MCLC 63,193
    Spectra13C-NMR MAS(9836)
    Spectra1H-NMR T1ρ (lyo)(13466)
    Spectra13C-NMR CP/MAS (lyo:gel)(18136)
    SpectraESR lyotropicJPSJ 62,4154
    Spectrafluorescence of chlorophyllMCLC 68,69
    SpectraIR reflection,monolayer IRRAS(18160)
    SpectraIR CH2 wagging modesJPC 96,10543
    SpectraRaman (anhydrous)JPC 88,1790
           IDACC API-00399ACC
           PNColfosceril Palmitate, >95%ACC
           Size250 mgACC
           Size1 gACC
           IDAcros 24057 5000 
           PNL-α-Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholin, 98% 
           PNL-α-Dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine, 98% 
           Size500 MG 
           IDBachem O-1195.0250 
           Size250 mg 
           IDBachem O-1195.1000 
           Size1 g 
           IDBiotrend 1426-1 
           PN1,2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylcholine, DPPC 
           Size1 g 
           IDBiotrend 1426-100 
           PN1,2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylcholine, DPPC 
           Size100 mg 
           IDBiotrend 1426-5 
           PN1,2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylcholine, DPPC 
           Size5 g 
           IDChemos 20616 
           PNL-a-Lecitin-dipalmitoyl = L-a-Dipalmitoyl Lecithin 
           IDICN 100503 
           PNL-α-lecithin, dipalmitoyl 
           IDMP 100503 
           PNL-α-Lecithin, dipalmitoyl 
           IDSigma P4329 
           PNL-α-Phosphatidylcholine, dipalmitoyl (C16:0) 
           IDSigma P0763 
           PNL-α-Phosphatidylcholine, dipalmitoyl (C16:0) 
    Dataneutron scatt. (lyo)(11468)
    DataRayleigh scattering (lyo)PRL 39,1368
    Dataelectron diff.MCLC 67,89
    DataMonte Carlo study of membranes(10766)
    Datadrug-lipid interactionsMCLC 288,237
    Dataliposomes, Ca2+ loadedCM 10,109
    Dataliposomes, Ca2+ loadedCM 10,117
    DatasynthesisJACS 72,942
    Datamodel membran + MonensinMCLC 262,179
    Datafilm pressure on H2OMCLC 262,179
    Datamodel membran + LasalocidMCLC 262,179
    Datafilm pressure on H2O, + 5CBMCLC 304,171
    Datamagneto-orientationMCLC 67,77
    Datamembrane boundary potentialMCLC 74,287
    DataLB film, mixed, +ubiquinonesMCLC 338,207
    DataLB films, + ionophoresMCLC 332,513
    DataLB films, + ionophoresMCLC 270,23
    DataLB + Lasalocid, + MonensinMCLC 270,23
    Dataadiabatic compressionLCOF 4,479
    Datalatent heats in bilayersLCOF 4,479
    Datain mixtureLC 34,1387
    DataDensity measurements through the gel and lamellar phase transitions of di-tetradecanoyl- and di-hexadecanoylphosphatidylcholines: observation of slow relaxation processes and mechanisms of phase transitionsLC 32,1465


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    Title: Product List
    Author: American Custom Chemicals Corporation
    Year: 2008
    Internet Resource: http://www.acccorporation.com/
    CM 10,109
    Title: Preparation of Calcium-Loaded Liposomes and Their Use in Calcium Phosphate Formation
    Author: Messersmith, P.B.; Starke, S.
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    Volume: 10
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    Year: 1998
    Author: HARTEG GmbH
    Year: 2007
    Internet Resource: http://www.harteg.com/
    Address: Bärensteiner Str.13
    Address: 01277 Dresden
    Address: Germany
    Address: Tel/Fax Central: +49 (0) 351 6465219
    JACS 108,8064
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    MCLC 67,89
    Title: Phase transitions in single crystals of L-DPPC and DL-DPPC
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    MCLC 68,69
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    Internet Resource: DOI: 10.1080/00268948108073554
    MCLC 74,287
    Title: Effect of the membrane boundary potential on the phase transition of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer liposomes
    Author: Tanaka, J.; Akabori, K.; Toyoshima, Y.
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    Author: Chan, W.; Pershan, P.S.
    Source: Phys. Rev. Lett.
    Volume: 39
    Page: 1368-1371
    Year: 1977

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