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LiqCryst Compound LC 43981

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    Compound description:

    LC Reg. Number:43981
    Molecular formula:C34H50O2
    Mol mass:490.76 g/mol
    Cholesteryl benzoate


    PTCr 150.5 N* 182.6 isMCLC 12,367
    PTCr 146.6 N* 180.6 isMC 1,309
    PTCr 154.4 N* 179.9 is(112)
    PTCr 145.8 N* 180.7 isMCLC 18,195
    PTCr 147 N* 186 isMCLC 15,105
    PTCr 148 N* 176 isMCLC 80,179
    PTTm2 ? , Tm3 ?(1370)
    PTCr 151 X 178.5 is(1370)
    PTCr2 136.8 Cr1 145.7 N* 184.7 isMCLC 88,137
    PTCr 129 N* 118 isMCLC 100,49
    PTCr 145.5 X 178.5 is(2054)
    PTpressure dep.(2067)
    PTCr 150 N* 182 is(2436)
    PTCr 149 N* 178.0 is(2470)
    PTsolid state polymorphismMCLC 128,367
    PTCr 151 N* 180 is,solv.f.react.(2692)
    PTCr 145 N* 178 is(2740)
    PTCr 145.5 N* 178.6 is(2838)
    PTCr 145.5 X 178.5 is(2873)
    PTCr 150 N* 178 is(2915)
    PT(130) Cr 156 X 186 un(3007)
    PTCr 145 N* 178 is(3410)
    PTCr 150 N* 178 is(3537)
    PTCr 147 N* 176 is(4504)
    PT6 solid phases(4972)
    PTCr ? N* 182.5 BP 182.8 is(7552)
    PTCr 150 N* 178.5 is(7711)
    PTCr 147.0 N* 179.5 is(9143)
    PTCr 147.0 N* 173.9 is(9895)
    PTCr 117 N* 160 is(11091)
    PTCr 149 N* 179 un(13120)
    PTCr 149 N* 179 is(13633)
    PTC#, A# in mix.MCLC 260,377
    PTA#, C# in mix.SPIE 3318,90
    PTCr 149 N* 178 is(18235)
    PTCr 148 N* 176 is(18377)
    PTinduced A, C*, B in mix.MCLC 330,483
    PTCr 148 N* 176 isJCP 76,866
    PTN* in mix(22663)
    ThermoΔH(N*-is) 0.16 kcal/mol, T = 182.6 °CMCLC 12,367
    ThermoΔH(Cr-N*) 7.82 kcal/mol, T = 150.5 °CMCLC 12,367
    ThermoΔH(N*-is) 0.124 kcal/mol, T = 179.9 °C(112)
    ThermoΔH(N*-is) 0.17 kcal/mol, T = 180.7 °CMCLC 18,195
    ThermoΔH(Cr-N*) 5.30 kcal/mol, T = 145.8 °CMCLC 18,195
    ThermoΔH(Cr-Cr) 5.94 kJ/mol, T = 136.8 °CMCLC 88,137
    ThermoΔH(Cr-N*) 22.13 kJ/mol, T = 145.7 °CMCLC 88,137
    ThermoΔH(N*-is) 0.63 kJ/mol, T = 184.7 °CMCLC 88,137
    ThermoΔH(N*-is) 0.151 kcal/mol, T = 180.8 °CCL 1980,471
    ThermoΔH(Cr-N*) 5.29 kcal/mol, T = 146.1 °CCL 1980,471
    ThermoΔH(N*-is) 0.17 kcal/mol, T = 178 °C(12739)
    ThermoΔH(Cr-N*) 5.30 kcal/mol, T = 146 °C(12739)
    Densityρ(T)MCLC 80,179
    Opticsn(T)MCLC 80,179
    Opticsn(T) simplified(9929)
    Opticsα|| 89.282 E-24 cm3MCLC 80,179
    Opticsα┴ 40.759 E-24 cm3MCLC 80,179
    OpticsΔα 48.523 E-24 cm3MCLC 80,179
    Opticsoptical rotation(3425)
    OrderS(T)JCP 76,866
    Viscosityη(T) (bulk)(2056)
    Viscosityη(T)JPSJ 28,470
    X-Raydiff.MCLC 15,105
    X-RaystructureMCLC 128,367
    X-Raycrystal data(4052)
    X-Raycrystal data(4772)
    X-Raycrystal data(17132)
    Spectra1H-NMRMCLC 100,49
    Spectra1H-NMR T1 = 0.15s, T = ? °CJCP 27,1081
    Spectra1H-NMR T2(1)=30ms T2(0.1)=20ms, T = ? °CJCP 27,1081
    Spectra1H-NMR line width(T)(3827)
    Spectra1H-NMRJCP 76,866
    Spectra1H-NMR in BPJCP 76,1209
    SpectraIRMCLC 76,133
    SpectraIRMCLC 98,175
    SpectraIR steric structure(2471)
    Numerical Tabledensity ρ(T)MCLC 80,179
    Numerical Tabledensity ρ(T)(2055)
    Numerical TableRI ne|no(T) (546.1 nm)MCLC 80,179
    Numerical TableRI ne|no(T) (589.3 nm)MCLC 80,179
    Numerical TableRI ne|no(T)(4071)
    Numerical Tablesurface tension σ(T)(2055)
    Numerical Tabledynamic viscosity η(T)(2056)
    Numerical Tabledynamic viscosity η(T)JPSJ 28,470
    Numerical Tablesound velocity v(T)JCP 24,803
    Numerical Tablesound velocity v(T)(9144)
    Numerical Tablesound velocity v(T)(9909)
           IDACC API-01933ACC
           PNCholesteryl Benzoate, >95%ACC
           Size25 gACC
           Size100 gACC
           IDAcros 11020 0250 
           PNCholesterylbenzoat, 98% 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate, 98% 
           Size25 GR 
           IDAldrich C7,580-2 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate 
           IDAppliChem A0809,0010 
           PNCholesterylbenzoat BioChemica 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate BioChemica 
           Size10 g 
           IDAppliChem A0809,0025 
           PNCholesterylbenzoat BioChemica 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate BioChemica 
           Size25 g 
           IDChangChem CC-134 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate 
           IDChemos C0320 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate 
           IDFluka 26760 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate 
           IDFluka 26760 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate, purum, >=97.0% (HPLC) 
           IDFluka 78886 
           PNCetrimide Broth, BioChemika, for microbiology 
           IDFrinton FR-0276 
           PNCholesteryl Benzoate 
           PNCholesteryl BenzoateHarteg
           IDICN 104774 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate 
           IDLancaster 3590 
           CompanyLancaster Synthesis GmbH 
           SourceLancaster Katalog 2003 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate 98% 
           IDMP 104774 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate 
           IDPressChem L010PressChem
           IDRoth 3402 
           CompanyCarl Roth GmbH 
           SourceChemikalienkatalog 2002/2003 
           PNCholesteryl-benzoat, >98%, krist. 
           SizeRoth 3402.1 CHOLESTERYL-BENZOAT 10G 
           IDSigma C8878 
           PNCholesteryl benzoate 
           IDTCI C0320 
           PNCholesterol benzoate 
    Dataμ 2.40 D(2738)
    Dataμ 1.90 D (calc.)(3560)
    Dataμ 1.62 D (C6H6), T = 45 °C(5396)
    Dataμ 2.08 D (CCl4)(9143)
    Dataμ 2.11 D (C6H6)(9143)
    DataEa(T)JPSJ 28,470
    Datap(T) in mixtures(3698)
    Dataβ(T) in HOABMCLC 40,133
    Dataβ(T) in PAA(3352)
    Dataβ(T) in PAA(3380)
    Dataβ -5.0 μm-1 (in 5CB)MCLC 64,211
    Datapositron annihilation lifetimeJCP 57,1597
    Datapositron lifetime(T)JCP 42,1692
    Dataultrasonic velocityJCP 24,803
    Dataultrasonic velocity(9144)
    Dataultrasonic velocity(9909)
    DataGC : stationary phase(4527)
    DataGC : stationary phase (mix)(22739)
    Datasurface tension(2055)
    Dataelectron diffraction(3567)
    Datadynamic mechanical behav. in KMCLC 103,299
    Datadopant C*(6149)
    Datadopant C*, Ch(7186)
    Datawetting of graphite(8569)
    Datasolvent asymmetric synthesis(18377)
    Dataname: Ch-1 (translated)(18896)
    Dataname: X-1 (russ.)(18896)
    Dataoptical prop. in mix.MC 1,293
    DataβM -9.9 μm-1 (in 5CB)MCLC 64,211
    Datacholesteric coating inks (mix)(20642)
    Datacholesteric mix., emulsion(20711)
    Datause for γ-ray dosimeter(22747)


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