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Conferences of the past on Liquid Crystals

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1st Annual Liquid Crystal Student Symposium, Kent, USA
Contact: http://scorpio.kent.edu/~mari/1stannual.html (old link, not longer supported)

2nd Annual Liquid Crystal Student Symposium, Kent, USA
Contact: http://scorpio.kent.edu/~mari/symposium.html (old link, not longer supported)

27.09. - 28.09.1996
Display for Multimedia, London, England
Conference was cancelled.

11.09. - 14.09.1996
Liquid Crystals: Present, Past and Future, Capri, Italy
Symposium held in the honour of George W. Gray

AMLCD'96 International Workshop on Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays, Birmingham, England
Contact: John Raines, EuroDisplay Secretary

07.10. - 09.10.1996
2. Workshop on LCD Technology
Ibero-American Network on Liquid Crystal Displays, Subprogram IX:= Microelectronics
Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: Dr. Manuela Vieira

01.10. - 03.10.1996
EuroDisplay 96, Birmingham, England
Contact: John Raines, EuroDisplay Secretary

3rd Annual JALCS Symosium, Fukuoka, Japan
Contact: Dr. Hirotsugu Kikuchi

05.10. - 07.10.1996
Japanese Liquid Crystal Conference, Fukuoka, Japan
Professor Kajiyama

14.10. - 15.10.1996
65. Bunsen-Kolloquium "Lyotrope Flüssigkristalle", Paderborn, Germany
Contact: Dr. Karl Hiltrup, kh@chemie.uni-paderborn.de

JALCS/ALCOM '96 Joint Meeting, Osaka, Japan

27.11. - 29.11.1996
AM-LCD 96 International Workshop on Aktive Matrix Liquid-Crystal Displays, Kobe, Japan
Contact: http://jalcs.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/JALCS/MEETINGS/AM.html (old link, not longer supported)

27.11. - 29.11.1996
IDW'96 3rd International Display Workshop, Kobe, Japan
Contact: http://jalcs.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/JALCS/MEETINGS/IDW.html (old link, not longer supported)

Challenges ahead in surfactant liquid crystals, Unilever, Bebington, UK
Held to mark the retirement of G.J.T. Tiddy
Contact: Dr. Patrick B. Warren

08.02. - 14.02.1997
4th Asian Symposium on Information Display, Hong Kong
http://www.ee.ust.hk/~cdr/asid.html (old link, not longer supported) ASID4

03.03. - 08.03.1997
ECLC'97, European Conference on Liquid Crystals, Zakopane, Poland
Contact: Prof. Jerzy Zielinski, zielj@wat.waw.pl

24.03. - 26.03.1997
BLCS 97, British Liquid Crystal Society Annual Meeting, Southampton, England
Contact: http://www.soton.ac.uk/blcs97/ (old link, not longer supported)

09.04. - 11.04.1997
26. Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, Freiburg, Germany
Contact: Prof. G. Strobl, Fax [49] (761) 203 5855

11.05. - 16.05.1997
SID Symposium '97, Boston, USA
Contact: http://www.garlic.com/sid/sid97ap.html (old link, not longer supported)

13.05. - 14.05.1997
Funktionale Supramolekulare Systeme - Von der Synthese zur Anwendung, Frankfurt, Germany
Contact: DECHEMA

03.06. - 06.06.1997
5th International Symposium on Metallomesogens, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Contact: Prof. Robert Deschenaux

08.06. - 13.06.1997
Gordon Conference on Liquid Crystals, Tilton School, Tilton, NH
Contact: http://www.grc.uri.edu/progra~1/liquidcr.htm (old link, not longer supported)

08.06. - 13.06.1997
3rd Mediterranean Workshop and Topical Meeting
"Novel Optical Materials and Applications", Cetraro, Italy.
Contact: C. Umeton, Dipartimento di Fisica, Rende

09.07. - 11.07.1997
3rd Annual JALCS Summer School, Atami, Shizuoka.
Contact: http://jalcs.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/JALCS/SS97/ss97-e.html (old link, not longer supported) 3rd JALCS

20.07. - 24.07.1997
FLC 97: 6th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals, Brest, France
Contact: FLC 97

21.07. - 25.07.1997
3rd International Conference on Materials, Exeter, England
Contact: Prof. Duncan Bruce

1st Hamburg Workshop on Liquid Crystals, Hamburg, Germany
Contact: HWLC 97

31.08. - 04.09.1997
4th International Symposium on Polymers for Advanced Technologies, Leipzig, Germany
Contact: http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~stann/pat97 (old link, not longer supported) PAT' 97

01.09. - 03.09.1997
International Workshop: Structure and dynamics of complex fluids under shear flow: block copolymers blends, liquid rystals, colloids, Mainz, Germany
Contact: EPF 97

08.09. - 12.09.1997
7th International Topical Meeting on Optics of Liquid Crystals, Heppenheim, Germany
Contact: http://gaston.iap.physik.th-darmstadt.de/olc97 (old link, not longer supported) OLC 97

15.09. - 19.09.1997
International Display Research Conference, Toronto, Canada
Contact: http://www.garlic.com/sid/idrc97cl.html (old link, not longer supported) IDRC '97

4rd Annual JALCS Symosium, Tokyo (TIT), Japan

25.09. - 27.09.1997
Japanese Liquid Crystal Conference, Tokyo (TIT), Japan
Contact: http://www.op.titech.ac.jp/ekito97 (old link, not longer supported) EKITO '97

12.10. - 16.10.1997
6th International Symposium on Advanced Display Technologies (SID), Crimea, Ukraine
Contact: Prof. V.G. Nazarenko

Biomaterials and Complex Fluids Conference, Brandeis University, USA
Contact: MRS Workshop

24.10. - 28.10.1997
Patterns, Nonlinear Dynamics and Stochastic Behaviour in Spatially Extended Systems, Budapest, Hungary
Contact: PNS 97

07.11. - 11.11.1997
Supramolecular Transition-Metal Chemistry: Organized Assemblies and Liquid Crystals
Symposium at the 214th ACS Symposium, Las Vegas, USA
Contact: Prof. Timothy M. Swager

JLCS-ALCOM Meeting, Tokyo, Japan
Contact: asm@flab.fujitsu.co.jp

18.11. - 20.11.1997
Euro Display, Sandown, UK
Contact: EID'97

19.11. - 21.11.1997
International Display Workshop, Nagoya, Japan
Contact: http://www.garlic.com/sid/idw97.html (old link, not longer supported) IDW'97

10.12. - 11.12.1997
On Banana Liquid Crystals Workshop, Berlin, Germany
Contact: Banana Workshop

16.12. - 18.12.1997
3rd International Meeting on Lyotropic Liquid Crystals, Ivanova, Russia
Contact: Prof. N. Usol'tseva
Molecules to Materials, London, UK
Contact: http://www.rsc.org/is/journals/current/dalton/dapcd.htm (old link, not longer supported)

23.03. - 24.03.1998
2nd Hamburg Workshop on Liquid Crystals and Functional Materials, Hamburg, Germany
Contact: HWLC 98

25.03. - 27.03.1998
27. Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, Freiburg, Germany
Contact: Prof. G. Strobl, Fax [49] (761) 203 5855

06.04. - 08.04.1998
British Liquid Crystal Society Annual Meeting 1998, Leeds, 1998
Contact: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/physics/blcs98/ (old link, not longer supported) BLCS 98

22.04. - 24.04.1998
Ten Years of the Twist-Grain-Boundary Phase: a Workshop, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Contact: http://www.physics.upenn.edu/~tgb98 (old link, not longer supported) TGB 98

07.05. - 08.05.1998
Product Engineering and Formulation Science, UMIST, Manchester, UK
Workshop on surfactants, lyotropic LCs and gels
Contact: Continuing Professional Development, UMIST

15.05. - 16.05.1998
Workshop on Biomembranes, Borstel, Germany
Contact: Prof. Ulrich Seydel

17.05. - 22.05.1998
SID Symposium '98, Anaheim, CA, USA
Contact: http://www.garlic.com/sid/conf.html (old link, not longer supported)

11.06. - 21.06.1998
Advances in the Computer Simulations of Liquid Crystals, Erice, Italy
Contact: http://bohp03.bo.infn.it/sicl/erice98/index.html (old link, not longer supported) ASI

Discs and Columns in Liquid Crystals, Conference in honour of Prof. Dr.- Ing. Klaus Praefcke, Berlin, Germany
Contact: http://wap0106.chem.tu-berlin.de/symposium.html (old link, not longer supported)

06.07. - 10.07.1998
Meeting of the Russian Liquid Crystal Society, UFA
Contact: Prof. Alexandr Chuvyrov, Fax 007 347 2 226 105
Dr. Sofia Torgova

11.07. - 14.07.1998
International Optoelectronics Exposition, Taipei, Taiwan
Contact: OE Expo'98

19.07. - 24.07.1998
17th International Liquid Crystal Conference, Strasbourg, France
Contact: http://www-ipcms.u-strasbg.fr/ilcc98/ (old link, not longer supported)

19.07. - 24.07.1998
SPIE Annual Meeting - Liquid Crystals II, San Diego, USA
Liquid Crystals II (sd55)

30.07. - 01.08.1998
Japanese Liquid Crystal Society Summer School
http://wwwsoc.nacsis.ac.jp/jlcs/ss98/ss98.html (old link, not longer supported)

27.09. - 03.10.1998
1st International Conference on Supramolecular Science and Technology, Zakopane, Poland
Contact: http://www.ch.pw.edu.pl/~dybko/supra.htm (old link, not longer supported) ICSS&T

Asia Display '98, Seoul, Korea
Contact: Asia Display '98

04.10. - 06.10.1998
ccmm'98, Chemistry & Characterization of Mesophase Materials", Bayreuth, Germany
Contact: http://www.uni-bayreuth.de/departments/mci/ccmm98.html (old link, not longer supported)

07.10. - 09.10.1998
Mesoscopic Materials: Preparation, Function and Application, Ulm, Germany
Contact: Mesoscopic Materials

13.10. - 15.10.1998
Japanese Liquid Crystal Conference, Osaka, Japan
Contact: http://wwwsoc.nacsis.ac.jp/jlcs/index-e.html (old link, not longer supported)

16.10. 1998
Meeting of the Russian Liquid Crystal Society, Moscow
Contact: Dr. Sofia Torgova

26.10. - 28.10.1998
III Workshop on Liquid Crystal Display Technology, Madrid, Spain
Contact: http://www.tfo.upm.es/i+d (old link, not longer supported)

28.10. 1998
LCD / PDP International'98, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan
Contact: http://www2.nikkeibp.co.jp/event/lcd/index_e.html (old link, not longer supported)

30.10. - 31.10. 1998
JLCMD '98, Japan-Korea International Symposium on Liquid-Crystalline Materials and Devices, Okayama, Tokyo, Japan
Contact: Prof. Tomiki Ikeda

25.11. - 26.11.1998 (new date ! previous: 14.10. - 15.10.1998)
Electronic Displays '98, Berlin, Germany
Contact: ED '98

07.12. - 09.12.1998
5th International Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe, Japan

24.01. - 28.01.1999
4th Russian Symposium on Liquid Crystalline and Related Polymers, Moscow, Russia
Contact: Prof. Dr. E.M. Antipov

23.01. - 29.01.1999
Electronic Imaging '99: Science and Technology, San Jose, USA
Contact: SPIE

18.02. - 19.02.1999
Chiral Materials and Applications, ALCOM Symposium, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA
Contact: http://alcom.kent.edu/ALCOM/symposia.html (old link, not longer supported)

24.03. - 26.03.1999
28. Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, Freiburg, Germany
Contact: http://frsl06.physik.uni-freiburg.de/frlc/ (old link, not longer supported) FRLC '99

29.03. - 31.03.1999
British Liquid Crystal Society Annual Meeting 1999, Durham, UK
Contact: BLCS 99

05.04. - 09.04.1999
Liquid Crystal Materials and Devices, Materials Research Society, Spring Meeting, San Francisco, USA
Contact: MRS

25.04. - 30.04.1999
European Conference on Liquid Crystals, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece
Contact: http://www.physics.upatras.gr/eclc99/eclc99.htm (old link, not longer supported) ECLC 99

03.05. - 07.05.1999
Eurorheo 99-1: Rheologgy, rheo-physics and flow-induced structures of liquid crystalline polymers, surfactants and block copolymers, Nice, France
Contact: Eurorheo 99-1

07.05. - 08.05.1999
Molecular Physics of Liquid Crystals: Recollections and Perspectives, Erice, Italy
A Meeting to celebrate Prof. G.R. Luckhurst 60th birthday
Contact: Erice '99

16.05. - 21.05.1999
SID Symposium '99, San Jose, CA, USA
Contact: http://www.garlic.com/sid/conf.html (old link, not longer supported)

26.05. - 28.05.1999
Anglo-Japanese Seminar on Liquid Crystals '99, Nara, Japan
Contact: http://h-hp005.ise.osaka-sandai.ac.jp/AJSLC99/ (old link, not longer supported) AJSLC99

06.06. - 11.06.1999
Gordon Conference on Liquid Crystals, Tilton School, USA
Contact: Gordon Conference

10.06. - 13.06.1999
6th International Symposium on Metallomesogens, Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany
Contact: http://kondmat.pc.chemie.tu-darmstadt.de/ismm99.htm (old link, not longer supported) ISMM 99

Analog FLC Workshop, Boulder, USA
Contact: http://flcmrc.colorado.edu/workshops/analog99.html (old link, not longer supported)

12.07. - 16.07.1999
9th European Meeting on Ferroelectricity, Praha, Czech Republic
Contact: http://emf-9.fzu.cz/ (old link, not longer supported) EMF-9

13.07. - 16.07.1999
4th International Conference on Materials Chemistry, Dublin, Ireland
Contact: Dr. John F. Gibson

18.07. - 23.07.1999
SPIE's 44th Annual Meeting: Optical Science, Engineering, and Instrumentation, Denver, USA
Contact: SPIE's 44

23.08. 1999
International Symposium on "Anisotropic Organic Materials", New Orleans, USA
(Part of ACS Symposium)
Contact: Anisotropic Organic Materials

23.08. - 24.08.1999
Order and Structure of Liquid Crystals, British Liquid Crystal Society Meeting in Honour of Professor Jim EMSLEY on the occasion of his 65th Birthday, Southamton, UK
Contact: http://www.soton.ac.uk/~dm9/ (old link, not longer supported)

28.08. - 03.09.1999
7th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals, Darmstadt, Germany
Contact: http://flc99.tu-darmstadt.de/ (old link, not longer supported) FLC 99

01.09.- 05.09.1999
Polymers for Advanced Technologies, Tokyo, Japan
Contact: http://www.rise.waseda.ac.jp/sympo/pat.html (old link, not longer supported) PAT 99

13.09. - 17.09.1999
13th Conference on Liquid Crystals - Chemistry, Physics and Applications, Krynica Zdroj, Poland
Contact: http://www.wat.waw.pl/clc99/home_page.html (old link, not longer supported)

15.09. - 19.09.1999
9eme Colloque d'Expression Francaise sur les Cristaux Liquides, Hammamet, Tunis
Contact: A. Gharbi

27.09. - 01.10.1999
8th International Topical Meeting on Optics of Liquid Crystals, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Contact: http://web.uprr.pr/olc99/ (old link, not longer supported) OLC'99

06.10. - 07.10.1999
Electronic Displays '99, Berlin, 1999
Contact: http://www.fh-pforzheim.de/fb05/blankenbach/ (old link, not longer supported) ED '99

5th International Conference on the Science & Technology of Display Phosphors, San Diego, USA
Contact: SID

7th Color Imaging Conference, Scottsdale, USA
Contact: SID

EID'99, Esher Surrey, UK
Contact: EID'99

International Display Workshop, Sendai, Japan
Contact: SID

BLCS Winter Workshop, Hull, UK
Contact: http://www.hull.ac.uk/php/chpsmt/lc/BLCS_INDEX.HTML (old link, not longer supported)

Half Day Discussion Meeting: Liquid Crystals in the Next Millennium. Where do we go from here?, London, UK
Contact: http://friedel.dur.ac.uk/~dch0mrw/blcs/sambles.html

29. Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, Freiburg,Germany
Contact: http://frsl06.physik.uni-freiburg.de/frlc/ (old link, not longer supported)

Interactions of Biopolymers with Model Membranes, Halle, Germany
Contact: http://indigo3.chemie.uni-halle.de/ibmm2000/index.html (old link, not longer supported) IBMM 2000

Polyelectrolyte Multilayer, ACS Symposium, San Francisco, USA
Contact: http://www.acs.org/meetings/sf2000_acp.html (old link, not longer supported)

Biophysical Properties of Glycolipids and Related Problems, Geesthacht/Hamburg, Germany
Contact: BPGL2000

Annual Conference of the British Liquid Crystal Society, Glasgow, UK
Contact: http://www.maths.strath.ac.uk/blcs/ (old link, not longer supported) BLCS 2000

Liquid Crystal Alignment Workshop, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Contact: http://flcmrc.colorado.edu/workshops/alignment00.html (old link, not longer supported)

24.07.-28.07. 2000
18th International Liquid Crystal Conference, Sendai, Japan
Contact: http://wwwsoc.nacsis.ac.jp/jlcs/ILCC2000/ (old link, not longer supported) ILCC 2000

30.07. - 04.08.2000
Liquid Crystals IV (AM328), at 'Optical Science and Technology', San Diego, USA
Contact: SPIE

Microdisplay 2000, Boulder, USA
Contact: SID

1st International Display Manufactoring Conference and Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
Contact: IDMC 2000

2nd International Conference on Supramolecular Science & Technology, Leuven, Belgium
Contact: ICSS&T'2000

Chemistry & Characterization of Mesophase Materials 2000, Bayreuth. Germany
Contact: CCMM 2000

4th International Meeting on Lyotropic Liquid Crystals, Ivanovo, Russia
Contact: Prof. Nadejda Usol'tseva

20th International Display Research Conference (IDRC), Palm Beach, USA
Contact: SID

Japanese Liquid Crystal Conference, Matsue, Japan
Contact: Prof. Seiji Ujiie

Microdisplays Technologies and Systems
Contact: SPIE

6th Annual International Conference on Display Phosphors, San Diego, USA
Contact: SID

IDW '00, International Display Workshop, Kobe, Japan
Contact: SID

15. Electronic Displays, Berlin, Germany
Contact: ED 2000

Liquid Crystalline Polymers, at Pacifichem 2000, Honolulu, Hawaii
Contact: http://www.acs.org/meetings/pacific2000/accepted.html (old link, not longer supported)

Electronic Imaging 2001, San Jose, USA
Contact: http://www.spie.org/info/ei/

6th European Conference on Liquid Crystals, Halle, Germany
Contact: http://phys.chemie.uni-halle.de/events/ECLC2001/ (old link, not longer supported) EC 2001

ISM 2001, 7th international Symposium on Metallomesogens, Nagano, Japan
Contact: Dr. Yo Shimizu

75th ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium, Pittsburgh, USA
Contact: http://colloids2001.cheme.cmu.edu/

2001 Liquid Crystal Gordon Conference

2001 Electronic Materials Conference, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
Contact: http://www.tms.org/Meetings/Specialty/EMC01/EMC01.html

05.08.- 10.08.2001
8th Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Conference, Washington D.C., USA
Contact: http://www.flc2001.com/ (old link, not longer supported)

VII International Conference on Advanced Materials, ICAM 2001, Mexico
Contact: http://www.icam2001.unam.mx/

Electronic Displays 2001, Wiesbaden, Germany
Contact: ED 2001

5th Ibero - American Workshop on Complex Fluids and Their Applications, Maringa, Brazil
Contact: http://www.dfi.uem.br/ibero2001/

Materials Discussion 4: Molecular Topology in Liquid Crystals, Grasmere, UK
Information: MD4 Flyer.pdf

Biophysical Chemistry 2001, London, UK
Contact: http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/bbc/BCG/bcg2001/index.htm

04.10. - 05.10.2001
conference is organized in honour of Anne-Marie LEVELUT on the occasion of her retirement
Contact: http://www.lps.u-psud.fr/AML/

IDW '01, International Display Workshop, Nagoya, Japan
Contact: SID

Advances in Liquid Crystalline Materials and Technologies, Fall 2001 MRS Symposium, Boston, USA
Contact: MRS

19th International Liquid Crystal Conference, Edinburgh, UK
Contact: http://www.ilcc2002.slci.soton.ac.uk/x/

Italian-Japanese Workshop on Liquid Crystals, Erice, Italy
Contact: http://www-th.bo.infn.it/sicl/erice2002/JAPAN/index.html

5th National Meeting of the Italian Liquid Crystal Society, SICL 2002, Erice, Italy
Contact: http://www-th.bo.infn.it/sicl/erice2002/SICL/index.html

CECAM Workshop: Complex Models for Liquid Crystals and Complex Systems, Erice, Italy
Contact: http://www-th.bo.infn.it/sicl/erice2002/CECAM/index.html

Banana Liquid Crystals: Chirality & Polarity, Boulder, USA
Contact: http://flcmrc.colorado.edu/Workshops.html

Chemical Nanotechnology Talks III, Mannheim, Germany
Contact: http://www.dechema.de/veranstaltung/cnt-iii/englisch/index.htmhttp://www.dechema.de/veranstaltung/cnt-iii/englisch/index.htm

Polymeric Nanomaterials, Rohnert Park, California, USA
Contact: http://www.chem.umr.edu/~poly/poly_link/meetings/biennial.1102.html (old link, not longer supported)

10.12. - 12.12.2002
ICNME 2002: 5th international Conference on Nano-Molecular Electronics, Kobe, Japan
Contact: http://www.elct.eng.himeji-tech.ac.jp/ICNME/title.htm

7th European Conference on Liquid Crystals, Jaca, Spain
Contact: http://wzar.unizar.es/actos/eclc/first_circular.htm

07.04. - 09.04.2003
The BLCS Annual Conference 2003, Cambridge, UK
Contact: http://www-g.eng.cam.ac.uk/photonics/blcs2003/

8th International Symposium on Metallomesogens, Namur, Belgium
Contact: http://www.chem.kuleuven.ac.be/research/coord/congresism/index.htm

2003 Liquid Crystal Gordon Conference, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH, USA
Contact: Prof. Bob Lemieux

09.07. - 11.07.2003
AM-LCD '03: The Tenth International Workshop on Active-Matrix Liquid-Crystal Displays - TFT Technologies and Related Materials, Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan
Contact: http://amlcd.bcasj.or.jp/

ERICE 2003: NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Computational Methods for Polymers and Liquid Crystalline Polymers, Erice, Italy
Contact: http://www-th.bo.infn.it/islc/erice2003/index.html

MC6: Sixth International Conference on Materials Chemistry, Sheffield, UK
Contact: http://www.rsc.org/lap/confs/mc6.htm

Structure and Dynamics of Soft Condensed Matter, 2nd PSI Summer School, Zuoz, Switzerland
Contact: http://www.psi.ch/sls/Zuoz2003

12th International Symposium on Advanced Display Technologies & Flowers 2003, Moscow, Russia
Contact: http://www.sid.org/conf/flowers03/flowers03.html

13.09. - 19.09.2003
OLC 2003: 10th International Topical Meeting On Optics Liquid Crystals
Contact: http://www.univ-artois.fr/olc2003/

14.09. - 17.09.2003
6th Ibero-American Workshop on Complex Fluids and Applications, Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: http://lfx4.ist.utl.pt/VI-IAW/

IDRC 2003: International Display Research Conference 2003, Phoenix, USA
Contact: http://www.sid.org/conf/idrc2003/idrc2003.html

IDS-3: 3rd International Dendrimer Symposium, Berlin, Germany
Contact: http://www.ids-3.de

16th New England Complex Fluids Workshop, Brandeis University, USA
Contact: http://complexfluids.org/necf/index.php

23.09. - 25.09.2003
CFCL-2003 - 11th French Liquid Crystal Conference
Contact: http://mreid.univ-littoral.fr/CFCL-03.html

24.09. - 25.09.2003
ED 2003 - Electronic Display 2003
Contact: http://www.electronic-displays.de

25.09. - 27.9.2003
Second International Workshop on Liquid Crystalline Elastomers, Bleibach im Elztal, Germany
Contact: http://www.mpip-mainz.mpg.de/~pleiner/freib.html

3rd High Information Content Display Systems Symposium, Arlington, USA
Contact: http://www.usdc.org/resources/highresworkshop03.htm

08.10. - 13.10.2003
2003 JLCS Annual Meeting, Aomori, Japan
Contact: http://www.jlcs.jp/ekitou/

Electronic Applications for Organic Materials, Newark, USA
Contact: http://www.engr.udel.edu/outreach/

XV Conference on Liquid Crystals, Chemistry, Physics and Applications, Zakopane, Poland
Contact: http://clc2003.webpark.pl/main.htm

2nd Annual DisplayForum Conference, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Contact: http://www.displaysearch.com/displayforum/index.html

03.11. - 08.11.2003
The 3rd International Symposium on Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems, Sendai, Japan
Contact: http://www.ifs.tohoku.ac.jp/slow-dynamics/

IDW '03: The 10th International Display Workshops, Fukuoka, Japan
Contact: http://idw.ee.uec.ac.jp/

13.01. - 15.01.2004
Joint conference of 2nd International conference of molecular simulation and CSW2004, Tsukuba, Japan
Contact: http://www.epochal.or.jp/organize/06event/06event.htm

18.01. - 22.01.2004
Electronic Imaging 2004, San Jose, USA
Contact: http://electronicimaging.org/program/04/

EID: Electronic Information Display, Birmingham, UK
Contact: http://www.eid.co.uk/

24.02. - 27.02.2004
Short Course Liquid Crystals: Materials and Display Devices, Kent, USA
Contact: http://www.lci.kent.edu/shortcourse.html

07.03. - 11.03.2004
ICCN 2004: 004 International Conference on Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Bosten, USA
Contact: http://www.cr.org/ICCN2004/announce.html

07.03. - 11.03.2004
Nanotech 2004, Bosten, USA
Contact: http://nanotech2004.com/

24.03. - 26.03.2004
32. Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle Halle
Contact: http://phys.chemie.uni-halle.de/events/lc2004/

30.03. - 01.04.2004
Self-organised liquid crystal semiconductors / one-day meeting within
Materials Congress 2004, London, UK
Contact: http://www.iom3.org/congress2004/

The BLCS Annual Conference 2004, Manchester Metropolitan University
Contact: http://www.sci-eng.mmu.ac.uk/blcs2004/

2004 Liquid Crystal Day, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA
Contact: http://www.lcd.kent.edu/

Liquid Crystal Science: A Symposium in Honor of Robert B. Meyer, Philadelphia, USA
Contact: http://friedel.dur.ac.uk/%7Edch0mrw/blcs/meyer.pdf

Flexible Displays & Electronics 2004, San Francisco, USA
Contact: http://www.intertechusa.com/Division_Electronics/04-04_Flex/2a_introduction.html

SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science (MS04), Los Angeles, USA
Contact: http://www.siam.org/meetings/ms04/body.htm

SID International Symposium 2004, Seattle, USA
Contact: http://www.sid.org/conf/sid2004/sid2004.html

Frontiers in Liquid Crystals and Molecular Self-Assembly, Boulder, USA
Contact: http://flcmrc.colorado.edu/Workshops.html

04.07. - 09.07.2004
ILCC2004: The 20th International Liquid Crystal Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Contact: http://www.ilcc2004.net/

ERICE 2004: Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals: effects of surfaces and ferroelectric subphases, Erice, Italy
Contact: http://www-th.bo.infn.it/islc/erice2004/index.html

MAM-04: 2nd International Symposium on Macro- and Supramolecular Architectures and Materials, Functional and Nano-Systems, Missoula, MT, USA
Contact: http://www.umt.edu/chemistry/mam04/

Nano 2004: 7th International Conference on Nanostructured Materials, Wiesbaden, Germany
Contact: http://www.nano2004.org/

29.07. - 30.07.2004
A Chemical Physics Approach to Liquid Crystals, A special meeting to celebrate the 65th birthday of Geoffrey Luckhurst, Southampton Contact: http://www.slci.soton.ac.uk/GRL.html

02.08. - 06.08.2004
SPIE Annual Meeting 2004, Denver, Colorado, USA
Contact: http://spie.org/Conferences/Calls/04/am/conferences/index.cfm?fuseaction=AM

07.08. - 14.08.2004
3rd PSI Summer School on Condensed Matter Research, Zuoz, Switzerland
Contact: http://num.web.psi.ch/zuoz2004/

01.09. - 03.09.2004
IC CHINA 2004, Shanghai, China
Contact: http://www.ic-china.org/

21.09. - 26.09.2004
MSCMP2004: 2nd International Conference on Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics, Chisinau, Moldawien
Contact: http://phys.asm.md/mscmp2004/

28.09. - 01.10.2004
Euromembrane 2004, Hamburg, Germany
Contact: http://www.tutech.de/euromembrane/

29.09. - 30.09.2004
ELECTRONIC DISPLAYS 2004, Wiesbaden, Germany
Contact: http://www.electronic-displays.de/

04.10. - 10.09.2004
OLCP: International College on Optics of Liquid Crystals & Polymers, Shahrivar, Iran
Contact: http://www.ismo.ir/workshops.asp?WorkshopsID=1

05.10. - 09.10.2004
CEATEC Japan: exhibition of the electronics and IT industries, Makuhari, Japan
Contact: http://www.ceatec.com/en/2004/about/index.html

23.11. - 24.11.2004
Nanofair 2004, Karlsruhe, Germany
Contact: www.nanofair.com/

08.12. - 10.12.2004
IDW '04: The 11th International Display Workshops, Niigata, Japan
Contact: http://www.sid.org/

ICNME 2004: 6th International Conference on Nano-Molecular Electronics, Kobe, Japan
Contact: http://www.elct.eng.himeji-tech.ac.jp/ICNME/title.htm

8th European Conference on Liquid Crystals Sesto (BZ), Italy Contact: http://www-th.bo.infn.it/islc/sicl/ECLC2005/index.htm

33rd Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals 2005, Paderborn, Germany
Contact: http://chemie.upb.de/aktuelles/tagung/index_en.html

SID International Symposium 2005, Boston, USA
Contact: http://www.sid.org/

ISM05: 9th International Symposium on Metallomesogens, Lake Arrowhead, California, USA
Contact: http://ism05.sewanee.edu/

Gordon Conference on Liquid Crystals, New London, NH, USA
Contact: http://www.grc.uri.edu/programs/2005/liqucrys.htm

IMID'05: 5th International Meeting on Information Display and Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
Contact: http://imid.k-ids.or.kr/home/eng/Program/default.asp?globalmenu=5&localmenu=13

10th Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals, STARE JABLONKI, Poland
Contact: http://www.wat.edu.pl/0007/0004a3.php

12eme Colloque Francophone sur les Cristaux Liquides, Montpellier, France
Contact: http://www.gdpc.univ-montp2.fr:7082/~cfcl05/

XVI CONFERENCE ON LIQUID CRYSTALS Chemistry, Physics and Applications, Stare Jablonski, Poland
Contact: http://www.wat.edu.pl/0007/0004a2.php

EuroDisplay 2005, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Contact: http://www.sid.org/conf/eurodisplay2005/eurodisplay2005.html

ILCEC: international liquid crystal elastomer conference, Cambridge, UK
Contact: http://www.srcf.ucam.org/ilcec05/

11th International Topical Meeting on Optics of Liquid Crystals, Florida, USA
Contact: http://www.beamco.com/olc.htm

14th International Symposium on Advanced Display Technologies, Crimea, Ukraine
Contact: http://www.sid.org/conf/conf.html

IDW/Asia Display '05, Takamatsu, Japan
Contact: http://idw.ee.uec.ac.jp/

Novel Developments in Liquid Crystal Material and Device Technology, London, UK
Contact: http://www.event-solutions.info/pages/event.asp?ecode=CE1002

Self-Assembled Materials and Liquid Crystals, Honolulu, Hawai, USA
Contact: http://www.pacifichem.org/c_symposia/c_symp_31.htm

Biaxiality in Liquid Crystals, Southampton, UK
Contact: http://www.slci.soton.ac.uk/Biaxiality_meeting_Jan06.htm

34. Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, Freiburg, Germany
Contact: http://www.liquidcrystals.de/

International Workshop on Liquid Crystals for Photonics, Gent, Belgium
Contact: http://www.elis.ugent.be/LCP/

ILCC 2006: Keystone, Colorado, USA
Contact: http://www.ilcc2006.com/

ECLC 2007: 9th European Conference On Liquid Crystals, Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: http://events.fct.unl.pt/eclc2007/

36th German Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals, Magdeburg, Germany
Contact: http://www.uni-magdeburg.de/anp/glcc08/index_g.shtml

ILCC 2008: 22nd International Liquid Crystal Conference, Jeju Island, Korea
Contact: http://www.ilcc2008.org/

LC2CAM: Light-Controlled Liquid Crystalline Complex Adaptive Materials, Boulder, USA
Contact: http://i2cam.org/conference/lc2cam08/

09.01. - 11.01.2009
CMFM09: Conference on Mesogenic and Ferroic Materials, Varanasi, India
Contact: http://www.bhu.ac.in/seminar/cmfm09/index.htm

01.04. - 03.04.2009
37. Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle (Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals), Stuttgart, Germany
Contact: http://www.ipc.uni-stuttgart.de/GLCC2009/the_conference.htm

06.04. - 08.04.2009
23rd Annual BLCS Conference, Bristol, UK
Contact: http://h41267.www4.hp.com/eventpage.aspx?&eventid=MQAzADQAOQA3AA%3d%3d&cc=uk&lang=en

19.04. - 24.04.2009
ECLC 2009: 10th European Conference on Liquid Crystals, Colmar, France
Contact: http://eclc2009.u-strasbg.fr/

14.06. - 19.06.2009
Gordon Research Conference on Liquid Crystals, New London, USA
Contact: http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2009&program=liqucryst

18.08. - 21.08.2009
Anisotropic and liquid crystals optics - during 26th PIERS 2009, Mosow, Russia
Contact: http://piers.mit.edu/piers2k9Moscow/

31.08. - 04.09.2009
FLC-09: 12th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals, Zaragoza, Spain
Contact: http://wzar.unizar.es/icflc09

08.09. - 11.09.2009
CFCL 2009: 14ème Colloque Francophone des Cristaux Liquides, Orsay, France
Contact: http://www.lps.u-psud.fr/spip.php?article897

12.09. - 15.09.2009
Japanese Liquid Crystal Society Meeting, Tokyo, Japan

14.09. - 18.09.2009
CLC2009: XVIII CONFERENCE ON LIQUID CRYSTALS - Chemistry, Physics and Applications, Augustow, Poland
Contact: http://www.clc2009.wat.edu.pl

20.09. - 26.09.2009
The Bandol Summer School on Liquid Crystals, Bandol, France
Contact: http://www.summerschool.lcsoftmatter.com/

22.09. - 25.09.2009
VII International Scientific Conference Lyotropic Liquid Crystals and Nanomaterials, Ivanovo, Russia
Contact: http://ivanovo.ac.ru/win1251/struct/llc2/conf6.htm

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