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Zubarev, E.R.

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Zubarev, Eugene R.;   Zubarev, Evgenii R.


Aliev, A.D.;   Berkmans, J.;   Chalykh, A.E.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Koval'chuk, A.V.;   Kuptsov, S.A.;   Merekalov, A.S.;   Plate, N.A.;   Rogunova, M.A.;   Stepanenko, V.Yu.;   Tal'roze, R.V.;   Talroze, R.V.;   Vasilets, V.N.;   Yuranova, T.I.

Publication Titles

1995: Rheological behavior of comb-shaped mesophase polymers and their modifying role in the blends with thermoplastics
1997: New approach to preparation of liquid crystal composites based on comb-shaped polymers
1997: Phase behavior of nematic liquid - crystalline polymer networks
1998: Effect of vacuum UV-irradiation on the surface energy, solubility, and interdiffusion of components in a fluoropolymer-mesogenic monomer-polymer system
1998: Plasmochemical initiation of the graft polymerization of mesogen-containing monomers on poly(tetrafluoroethylene) surface
1998: The Kerr effect in a radiation crosslinked liquid crystalline comb shaped polymer
1999: Liquid crystal acrylate-based networks: polymer backbone-LC order interaction
2000: Pretransitional phenomena in acrylate-based liquid crystal networks


Liq. Cryst., 27, 921
Macromol. Symp., 96, 61
React. Funct. Polym., 41, 1
Vysokomol. Soedin. AB, 39, 1031
Vysokomol. Soedin. AB, 39, 63
Vysokomol. Soedin. AB, 40, 1228
Vysokomol. Soedin. AB, 40, 1349
Vysokomol. Soedin. AB, 40, 884

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