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Zippelius, Annette

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Zippelius, A.


Benetatos, Panayotis;   Bruinsma, R.;   Halperin, B.I.;   Herbst, Olaf;   Müller, Peter;   Nelson, David R.;   Ostlund, S.;   Otto, Matthias;   Siggia, Eric D.;   Toner, John

Publication Titles

1980: Dynamics of two-dimensional melting
1980: Large-distance and long-time properties of two-dimensional solids and hexatic liquid crystals
1981: Dynamics of defects in Rayleigh-Bénard convection
1982: Dynamics of two-dimensional anisotropic solids, smectics and nematics
1982: Motion of defects and stress relaxation in two-dimensional crystals
2004: Local equation of state and velocity distributions of a driven granular gas
2007: Anisotropic Random Networks of Semiflexible Polymers


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