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Zimmermann, S.

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Zimmermann, Sven


Arici, E.;   Bayer, A.;   Brandl, B.;   Germano, G.;   Greiner, A.;   Göring, P.;   Gösele, U.;   Hou, H.;   Martin, E.;   Reuning, A.;   Schaper, A.;   Schaper, A.K.;   Senz, S.;   Steinhart, M.;   Stillings, C.;   Weder, C.;   Wendorff, J.-H.;   Wendorff, Joachim H.

Publication Titles

2000: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2002: Uniaxial Orientation of Columnar Discotic Liquid Crystals
2003: Charge carrier mobility in columnar discotics
2003: Circularly polarized emission in cholesteric systems
2003: Low molar mass and polymer discotics: structure, dynamics and opto-electronic properties
2004: Nanorods and nanotubes from discotic liquid crystals
2005: Liquid crystalline nanowires in porous alumina: geometric confinement versus influence of pore wall
2005: Liquid crystalline nanowires made of discotics: Influence of doping with electron acceptors on the optical and morphological properties
2006: Discotic liquid crystals in cylindrical confinement: Supramolecular architecture of LC nanorods


Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 31 (Mainz) P28
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 31 (Mainz) V16
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 32 (Halle) V9
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 33 (Paderborn) P27
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 33 (Paderborn) V26
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 34 (Freiburg) V15
Chem. Mater., 14, 2218
Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 29, P46
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 396, 1

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