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Zielinski, Jerzy

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Ziclinski, Jerzy;   Zielinski, J.


Bastys, Vytautas;   Bignievki, Z.;   Cesarz, Tadeusz;   Czupryñski, Krzysztof;   Dabrowski, Roman;   Drzewinski, W.J.;   Dziaduszek, Jerzy;   Kedzierski, Jerzy;   Kenig, Krystyna;   Klosowicz, Stanislaw;   Klosowicz, Stanislaw J.;   Kojdecki, Marek A.;   Kojdecki, Marek Andrzej;   Kowerdziej, Rafal;   Lipinska, L.;   Lipinska, Ludwika;   Madrigal, A.L.;   Milowski, Marian;   Miszczyk, Emilia;   Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki, Edward;   Olfierczuk, Marek;   Oliferczuk, Marek;   Olifierczuk, Marek;   Parka, Janusz;   Perkowski, Pawel;   Piecek, Wiktor;   Prudnikowa, Lena;   Przedmojski, Jan;   Ranga Reddy, R.N.V.;   Raszewski, Zbigniew;   Rutkowska, Jolanta;   Stolarz, Zofia;   Szczucinski, Tomasz;   Torgova, Sofia;   Zakrzewski, Ryszard;   Zmija, Jozef

Publication Titles

1978: Liquid crystals, their properties and uses
1978: The cholesteric-nematic phase change effect in liquid crystals of cyano-ester groups
1978: The effect of dynamic scattering in equimolar mixture of MBBA and EBBA doped with quinones and hydroquinones
1978: Twisted-nematic effect in the mixtures of p-alkylbenzoates of p-cyanophenol
1979: Electric-field-induced cholesteric-to-nematic phase transition in biphenyl mixtures
1980: Liquid-crystalline azo- and azoxy compounds. Comparison of properties of 4-cyano-4'-alkoxycarboxyazobenzenes and 4-cyano-4'-alkoxycarboxyazoxybenzenes
1980: Liquid-crystalline azoxy compounds
1984: Liquid crystal cyclohexylbenzene derivatives
1991: Circular dichroism of cholesteric liquid crystal layers for neodymium laser radiation
1993: Investigations of liquid-crystal display for car dashboards
1994: Determination of the nematic liquid crystal (NLC)-substrate interaction potential by means of semi-empirical method of self-consistent director field
1995: The rotational potential of chiral molecule around its long molecular axis in the S{\sub C}* phase of 4-(2'-methylbutyl)-4'-n-octylbiphenyl-4-carboxylate
1996: Low frequency dielectric modes in the SmC* phases of the ferroelectric liquid crystals
1997: Optimization of electrooptical parameters of liquid crystal information displays
1997: Optimization of the operation parameters of liquid crystal negative image displays
1998: Determination of liquid-crystal substrate interaction potential by optical and dielectric methods
1998: Liquid crystal displays - problems of standardization of their electrooptics
1998: New liquid crystals mixtures for TN LCD
1998: The effect of black dichroic dye on temperature dependence and order parameter of liquid crystal mixture for TN LCD
1999: Determination of quadrupolar ordering in ferroelectric liquid crystal SmC. Part I. Theoretical investigation and results
1999: Determination of quadrupolar ordering in ferroelectric liquid crystals SmC. Part II. Experimental results
1999: The order parameter of liquid-crystalline mixture with dichroic dye for TN LCD
2000: Optical parameters of TN display with dichroic dye
2001: Optical Parameters of an Optimized TN Display for Large-Area Application
2002: LC display for Polish gliders PW-5 and PW-6
2002: Numerical Optimisation of Reflective TN Display
2002: Significance of reflection reduction in a TN display for color visualization
2004: Determination of anisotropy of diamagnetic susceptibility for nematics and polar anchoring energy coefficient for nematics: substrate systems by wedge cell method
2004: Determination of same changes in rotational potentials between ferro-and antiferroelectric phases
2004: Do LCDs have a chance to keep a leading position on flat panel display market?
2004: Homologous series of fluorinated antiferroelectric liquid crystals: a comparative study of physical properties and the electro-optical performance
2004: Molecular structure and properties of FLC(S)-4-(1-methyloctyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4-octyloxybiphenyl-4'-carboxylate and its mixtures
2004: Multi-parameters optimization procedure of the contrast ratio in TN two-polarizer reflective display
2005: Liquid crystals displays: the visualization problems with the observation under sun illuminating
2005: Optical Methods for Determining Anisotropy of Diamagnetic Susceptibility and Other Material Parameters of Nematics by Using Cells of Varying Thickness
2006: Color Liquid Crystal Display - Problems and Optimization Procedure
2006: Study of Nematics-Substrate Coupling Characteristics and Nematics Material Parameters in Dependence on Cell Thickness by Using Wedge Cells of Different Cover Coatings
2007: Fréedericksz transitions in nematic liquid crystals as boundary eigenvalue problems
2007: Liquid crystal displays with high brightness of visualization versus active displays
2008: Determination of LCD Electro-Optical Parameters Using Mathematical Model to Obtain Optimized Device Operating Under High External Illumination
2009: Experimental Study of Anchoring Characteristics and Splay-Bend Surface-Like Elasticity of Nematics with Using Non-Twisted Nematic Cells
2009: Optimization Procedure for Liquid Crystal Display Working Under High External Lighting


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