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Zhuang, Zhiming

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Zhuang, Z.


Cheung, Jeffrey T.;   Chung, Young;   Chung, Young J.;   Clark, Noel;   Clark, Noel A.;   Coates, David;   Egan, Gabrielle;   Gu, Dong-Feng;   Hanamoto, Jane H.;   Kobrin, Paul H.;   Li, Zili;   Lu, Yiwei;   Maclennan, Joseph E.;   Meadows, Michael;   Meadows, Michael R.;   Rappaport, Aaron G.;   Shao, Ren-Fan;   Sharples, Nicholas;   Taber, Donald B.;   Winker, Bruce K.

Publication Titles

1989: Device applications of ferroelectric liquid crystals: importance of polarization charge interactions
1990: Optical Symmetry of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells
1991: Director structures of a chiral smectic I liquid crystal in the surface stabilized geometry
1991: Total internal reflection studies of a ferroelectric liquid crystal/anisotropic solid interface
1991: Visible polarized light transmission spectroscopy of the electrooptic switching behavior of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
1992: Orientational plasticity at a smectic-liquid-crystal-anisotropic-solid interface
1993: Are short-pitch bistable ferroelectric liquid crystal cells surface stabilized?
1993: The mountain defect: a new kind of planar defect in surface stabilized smectic C liquid crystals
1999: Optical retardation film for liquid-crystal display device
1999: Thin-film compensators having planar alignment of polymerized liquid crystals at air interface
2002: Dual frequency liquid crystal devices for infrared electro-optical applications


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