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Zheng, Wen-Yue

Alternative Writings

Zheng, W.-Y.;   Zheng, Wenyue

Similar Names

Zheng, W.Y.


Albalak, Ramon J.;   Anthamatten, Mitchell;   Epps, Thomas;   Hammond, Paula;   Hammond, Paula T.;   Hammond, T.;   Laakso, Jukka;   Levon, Kalle;   Moment, Aaron;   Nair, Bindu;   Oesterholm, Jan-Eric;   Pan, Wendy;   Rong, Zhao Y.;   Taka, Tapani;   Wall, David;   Wang, Rong-Hai

Publication Titles

1994: Characterization and Solid-State Properties of Processable N-Alkylated Polyanilines in the Neutral State
1995: Self-assembly of the electroactive complexes of polyaniline and surfactant
1996: Block copolymers containing smectic C* liquid crystalline segments
1996: Side chain liquid crystalline block copolymers with chiral smectic C* mesogens
1996: Synthesis of new smectic C* liquid-crystalline block copolymers
1997: Diblock and multiblock liquid crystalline polymeric systems
1997: Liquid crystalline block copolymers: a new class of field responsive materials
1997: Novel well-defined side chain liquid crystalline polymers by anionic polymerization
1998: Mesogen orientation within smectic C* side chain liquid crystalline diblock copolymers
1998: Phase Behavior of New Side Chain Smectic C Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers
1998: Well-defined smectic C* side chain liquid crystalline polymers
1999: A Morphological Study of Well-Defined Smectic Side-Chain LC Block Copolymers


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