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Zhao, Yong-Feng

Alternative Writings

Zhao, Y.-F.;   Zhao, Y.F.;   Zhao, Yongfeng


Chen, Er-Qiang;   Chen, Xiao-Fang;   Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Dong, Xia;   Fan, Xing-He;   Liu, Xuan-Bo;   Shen, Zhi-Hao;   Wan, Xin-Hua;   Wang, Liang-Shi;   Ye, Chun;   Yi, Yi;   Zhou, Qi-Feng

Publication Titles

2005: Copolymers of 2,5-bis[(4-methoxyphenyl) oxycarbonyl]styrene with styrene and methyl methacrylate: Synthesis, monomer reactivity ratios, thermal properties, and liquid crystalline behavior
2006: Restudy of the unusual phase behavior of the mesogen-jacketed liquid crystal polymers
2006: Unusual Phase Behavior of a Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymer Synthesized by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
2008: Lamella-to-Lamella Transition and Effect of Coil-Stretching on Crystallization in a Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymer Containing Poly(.epsilon.-caprolactone)

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