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Zhao, W.

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Zhao, Wei;   Zhao, Weisong;   Zhao, Wen;   Zhao, Wenyan


Huang, X.;   Igo, T.;   Ikejiri, T.;   Jiang, Q.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kinoyama, T.;   Li, J.;   Ling, C.;   Mark, J.E.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Pan, G.-H.;   Pan, W.-D.;   Tamura, S.;   Tanaka, K.;   Tian, Y.;   Wang, Z.;   Wei, T.;   Xie, M.-G.;   Yamashita, T.;   Zimmer, H.

Publication Titles

1993: Z-scan technique using top-hat beams
1994: A novel orientation technique for networks of semiflexible polyisocyanate chains
1994: Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
1994: Z-Scan measurement on liquid crystals using top-hat beams
1994: Z-scan measurement of chi(3) using top-hat beams
1994: Z-scan measurements on liquid crystals some considerations and results
1997: 4th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'97), Nagoya
2008: Beam Uniformity Controllable Ion Source with a Long Slit


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