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Zhao, H.

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Zhao, Ch.;   Zhao, G.;   Zhao, Haichao;   Zhao, Haili;   Zhao, Haiyan;   Zhao, Hong;   Zhao, Hongming;   Zhao, Hongshi;   Zhao, Hongxia;   Zhao, Hongyong;   Zhao, Hua;   Zhao, Huafeng;   Zhao, Huanqing;   Zhao, Hui;   Zhao, Huimin


Blas, F.J.;   Dressel, B.;   Fang, W.;   Filipe, E.J.M.;   Komineas, S.;   Kramer, L.;   McCabe, C.;   Morgado, P.;   Pei, X.;   Pesch, W.;   Tomas, R.;   Wang, L.;   dos Ramos, M.C.

Publication Titles

1986: Synthesis of 4-alkyl-1-(4'-chlorophenyl)cyclohexane liquid crystal
1987: Synthesis of broad-range mesophase liquid crystals
2000: Zigzag structures and domain walls in electroconvection of nematic liquid crystal
2001: Theory of electroconvection for the gourmet
2003: Modulated structures in electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals
2007: Solution Behavior of Perfluoroalkanes and Perfluoroalkylalkane Surfactants in n-Octane


J. Phys. Chem. C, 111, 15962
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 364, 101
Phys. Rev. E, 62, 5092
Phys. Rev. E, 67, 031701
Qinghua Daxue Xuebao, 26 (4) 99
Qinghua Daxue Xuebao, Ziran Kexueban, 27 (6) 57

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