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Zhang, P.

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Zhang, Peng;   Zhang, Pengpeng;   Zhang, Pengyi;   Zhang, Ping;   Zhang, Pingcheng;   Zhang, Pingwen;   Zhang, Pu


Buncel, E.;   Chen, Q.;   Lemieux, R.P.;   Li, T.-J.;   Liu, J.Z.;   Wang, D.J.;   Wang, L.;   Wu, Z.W.;   Yin, Z.;   Zhang, M.S.;   Zhang, S.-J.

Publication Titles

1988: Synthesis and application of discotic liquid crystals
1997: Raman scattering studies of phase transitions in a ferroelectric liquid crystal ester
1998: Heterostructure of silicon/organized-polymer-film with varied liquid crystalline states: a photovoltaic study
2005: Compatibilization of a Photochromic Dithienylethene Dopant and Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Host via Siloxane Nanosegregation

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