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Yoon, Hyun-Nam

Alternative Writings

Yoon, H.-N.;   Yoon, Hyunnam

Similar Names

Yoon, H.N.


Buckley, Alan;   Choe, E. Won;   Haas, David;   Hatke, Wilfried;   Holcomb, Douglas R.;   Khanarian, Garo;   Leslie, Thomas M.;   Mortazavi, Mohammad;   Nelson, Greg;   Shen, Sunny;   Shen, Sunny S.;   Stamatoff, James B.;   Stuetz, Dago E.;   Suh, Suk Youn;   Sullivan, Vincent J.;   Teng, Chia-Chi;   de Martino, Ronald N.

Publication Titles

1987: Development of polymeric nonlinear optical materials
1987: Side-chain liquid-crystal polymers exhibiting nonlinear optical responses
1987: Vinyl polymers exhibiting nonlinear optical response
1988: Side chain liquid crystalline polymers exhibiting nonlinear optical properties
1988: Side-chain liquid crystalline polymeric media exhibiting third order nonlinear optical response
1989: Organic nonlinear optical medium
1990: Optical switches and modulators employing side-chain liquid-crystalline acrylic copolymers exhibiting nonlinear optical response
1996: Polarizer films comprising wholly aromatic liquid crystalline polymers and dichroic dyes
1997: High-extinction polarizers comprising liquid crystal polymers
1997: Laminates of liquid crystalline polymeric films for polarizer applications
1997: Moisture-resistant cyclic olefin polymer laminate for polarizer application
1998: Liquid - crystal display device using polymeric support layer
1998: Liquid-crystal display devices incorporating polarizers comprising liquid crystal polymers
1998: Polarizer films with high thermal and hygroscopic stability for liquid-crystal displays


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