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Yoon, D.Y.

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Yoon, Do Y.;   Yoon, Do Yeung;   Yoon, Do Young


Achard, M.F.;   Ando, Y.;   Boeffel, Christine;   Boese, D.;   Brucker, S.;   Brulet, A.;   Chu, W.H.;   Cotton, J.P.;   Cotts, P.M.;   Dawson, D.;   Denn, M.M.;   Ebert, M.;   Flory, P.J.;   Friedrich, C.;   Griffin, Anselm C.;   Hardouin, F.;   Huang, T.;   Iannelli, P.;   Ivanov, D.A.;   Jonas, A.M.;   Jungbauer, D.;   Kalika, D.S.;   Karis, T.E.;   Kawasumi, M.;   Kikuchi, H.;   Lee, H.;   Leisen, J.;   Logan, J.A.;   Ludovice, P.;   Lux, M.;   Masciocchi, N.;   Matsuda, T.;   Noöl, C.;   Park, O.O.;   Parkin, S.;   Parrish, W.;   Percec, Virgil;   Pop, T.;   Rabolt, J.F.;   Reck, B.;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Ronca, G.;   Schroder, U.P.;   Scott, J.C.;   Shen, M.-R.;   Sherwood, M.H.;   Sigaud, G.;   Spiess, H.W.;   Swalen, J.;   Swalen, J.D.;   Teraoka, I.;   Terris, B.D.;   Twieg, R.;   Vacatello, M.;   Viney, C.;   Volksen, W.;   Wade, C.G.;   Willson, C.G.;   Yu, X.-M.;   Zentel, Rudolf

Publication Titles

1979: Light scattering and contrast in thermally addressed liquid crystal displays
1982: Theory of nematic systems of semiflexible polymers. I. High molecular weight limit
1983: Order in nematic phase of semiflexible polymers
1984: Configurational statistics of the worm-like chain with limiting curvature (WCLC)
1984: Order in the nematic phase of semiflexible thermotropic polymers
1984: Theory of nematic systems of semiflexible polymers. II. Chains of finite length in the bulk
1985: Molecular order in the condensed state of semiflexible polymers
1985: Theory of nematic systems of semiflexible polymers. III. Phase equilibria in solutions
1988: Phase behavior and molecular order in a semiflexible thermotropic/lyotropic polymer
1989: Conformational rearrangement in the nematic phase of a polymer comprising rigid and flexible sequences in alternating succession. II. Theoretical results and comparison with experiments
1989: Phase behavior of a semiflexible polymer with both thermotropic and lyotropic properties
1989: Synthesis and characterization of a thermotropic, liquid-crystalline polyester comprising phenyl benzoate groups connected via a tris(ethylene oxide) spacer
1990: Structural, dielectric, and rheological characterization of a thermotropic polyester displaying smectic A, nematic, and isotropic phases
1991: Structural, dielectric, and rheological characterization of thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyesters based on 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, 4,4'-dihydroxybiphenyl, terephthalic acid, and isophthalic acid
1992: Chain orientation and anisotropies in optical and dielectric properties in thin films of stiff polyimides
1992: Monte Carlo simulations of nematic melts
1992: Nonlinear optical epoxy polymers with polar tolan chromophores
1992: Rheology of thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester Vectra E
1994: Molecular order in the nematic melt of a semiflexible polyether by deuteron NMR
1995: Conformational Behavior of the Spacer in a Liquid Crystalline Main-Chain Polymer in Its Nematic and Glassy States
1995: Mechanisms of liquid crystal alignment on buffed polyimide surfaces
1995: SANS Study of a Semiflexible Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyether
1996: Annealing effects of a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester based on 6-hydroxy 2-naphthoic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, terephthalic acid and 4,4'-biphenol
1996: Effects of polymer networks on stabilization and switching characteristics of cholesteric liquid crystals
2002: Direct Observation of Crystal-Amorphous Interphase in Lamellar Semicrystalline Poly(ethylene terephthalate)


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