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Yildiz, Sevtap

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Yildiz, S.


Berker, A. Nihat;   Chiellini, Emo;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Hepuzer, Yesim;   Ito, Koichi;   Pekcan, Önder;   Yagci, Yusuf;   Yilmaz, Faruk;   Özbek, Haluk

Publication Titles

1999: Photon transmission technique for studying multiple phase transitions in a liquid crystal
2002: Smectic A-C-A Liquid Crystal Reentrance: A Photon Transmission Study
2003: Comparative study of liquid-crystalline ordering in a monomer, linear polymer, and graft copolymer by the photon transmission technique
2003: Study of phase transitions in liquid crystalline side group polymers via photon transmission method
2004: Scaling of thermal hysteresis at nematic-smectic-A phase transition in a binary mixture
2005: Synthesis and Liquid Crystalline Behavior of Random Copolymer of Poly(ethylene oxide) Macromonomer and Liquid Crystalline Monomer by the Photon Transmission Technique


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Phys. Rev. E, 59, 6798
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