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Yelamaggad, C.V.

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Yelamaggad, Channabasaveshwar V.;   Yelamaggad, Channabasaveshwara V.


Achalkumar, A.S.;   Anitha Nagamani, S.;   Balagurusamy, V.S.K.;   Bandhoria, P.;   Bandhoria, Pankaj;   Chandrasekhar, S.;   Das, I.M.L.;   Dhar, R.;   Fujita, T.;   Fujita, Taketoshi;   Gupta, V.K.;   Gupta, Vivek K.;   Hegde, G.;   Hegde, Gurumurthy;   Hinov, H.P.;   Hiremath, U.S.;   Hiremath, Uma S.;   Iyi, N.;   Iyi, Nobuo;   Jayalakshmi, V.;   Jin, Jung-Il;   Jákli, Antal;   Kalyan, Mohit;   Kaneko, Y.;   Krishna Prasad, S.;   Krishna Shankar Prasad, S.;   Krishnamurthy, K.S.;   Kumar, Pramoda;   Kumar, Sandeep;   Lee, Jun-Woo;   Lobo, Chethan V.;   Lokanath, N.K.;   Maeda, Y.;   Manickam, M.;   Marinov, Y.G.;   Mathews, M.;   Mathews, Manoj;   Nagamani, A.S.;   Nagamani, S.;   Nagamani, S. Anita;   Nagamani, S. Anitha;   Nagamani, S.A.;   Nair, G.G.;   Nair, Geetha G.;   Oh, Dong-Keun;   Pandey, A.S.;   Pandey, Abhay S.;   Pandey, M.B.;   Pandey, V.S.;   Petrov, A.G.;   Prasad, J. Shashidhara;   Prasad, Krishna S.;   Prasad, S. Krishna;   Prasad, Veena;   Raja, V.N.;   Rao, D.S.;   Rao, D.S. Shankar;   Rao, D.S.S.;   Rao, S.D.S.;   Rao, Shankar D.S.;   Rossberg, Axel G.;   Sampath, S.;   Sandhya, K.L.;   Shankar Rao, D.S.;   Shanker, G.;   Sharma, R.;   Sharma, Rajneesh K.;   Shashikala, I.;   Sridhar, M.A.;   Srikrishnat, A.;   Takezoe, H.;   Varshney, Sanjay K.

Publication Titles

1998: New chiral discotic liquid crystals
1999: A novel dimesogen with a cholesteric phase of wide temperature range: synthesis and characterization
1999: Quasi-one dimensional electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power studies on a discotic liquid crystal
1999: Synthesis and characterization of some new dimesogenic compounds
2000: A novel calamitic liquid crystalline oligomer composed of three non-identical mesogenic entities. Synthesis and characterization
2000: Optodielectric effect on a nematic liquid crystal doped with a photoactive azo mesogen
2001: A switchable salicylaldimine-based achiral bent-shaped mesogen: synthesis and characterization
2001: Cholesterol-based dimeric liquid crystals: synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour
2001: Cholesterol-based dimesogenic bidentate ligands and their Cu(II) and Pd(II) metallomesogens
2001: Crystal structure of an unsymmetrical dimeric liquid crystal with a wide temperature range chiral smectic A phase
2001: Effect of light on the polarization of a banana-shaped achiral compound doped with a photoactive azobenzene material
2001: Effect of the temperature range of the nematic phase on the induction of a twist grain boundary phase in non-chiral liquid crystals
2001: Electroclinic effect in unsymmetrical dimeric liquid crystals composed of two non-identical chiral mesogenic entities
2001: Experimental studies on the B{\sub 7} phase of a banana-shaped achiral mesogen
2001: Observation of a Reentrant Twist Grain Boundary Phase
2001: Unsymmetrical trimesogens exhibiting the undulated twist grain boundary (UTGBC*) mesophase
2002: Achiral banana-shaped mesogenic bidentate ligands and their Cu(II) and Pd(II) complexes
2002: Anomalous increase of photocurrent anisotropy in a liquid crystalline binary mixture
2002: Effect of Electric Field on the TGBC* Phase
2002: Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polyoxetanes bearing chiral di-mesogenic pendant
2002: Organometallic chiral liquid crystals: bis{4-[{\f1 w}-(cholest-5-en-3-yloxycarbonyl)alkoxy]phenylethynyl}mercury complexes
2002: Salicylaldimine-based symmetric dimers: synthesis and thermal behaviour
2002: Spacer parity dependence of photoinduced effects in liquid-crystalline dimers
2002: The first examples of monodispersive liquid crystalline tetramers possessing four non-identical anisometric segments
2003: Effect of pressure on liquid crystal dimers
2003: Mesogenic unsymmetric dimers containing cholesteryl ester and tolane moieties
2003: Monodispersive unsymmetrical tetramers exhibiting a columnar phase
2003: Novel chiral dimesogenic bidentate ligands and their Cu(II) and Pd(II) metal complexes
2003: Phase behaviour of thermotropic banana-shaped compounds under pressure
2003: Synthesis and thermal behaviour of salicylaldimine-based liquid crystalline symmetrical dimers
2003: Unsymmetrical dimers possessing a cholesteryl ester moiety and a difluoro-substituted biphenyl core: synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour
2004: Bent-core V-shaped mesogens consisting of salicylaldimine mesogenic segments: synthesis and characterization of mesomorphic behaviour
2004: Polymer network as a template for control of photoconductivity of a liquid crystal semiconductor
2004: Thermal Behavior of a Cationic Mesogen Intercalated into Clay Interlayer
2005: A photodriven dual-frequency addressable optical device
2005: Biaxial Nematic and Smectic A Phases in a "Peelable Banana-Shaped" Molecule
2005: Crystal structure of a liquid crystal non-symmetric dimer: cholesteryl 4-[4-(4-n-butylphenylethynyl)phenoxy]butanoate
2005: Crystal structure of cholesteryl 4-[4-(4-n-hexylphenylethynyl)-phenoxy]butanoate a liquid-crystalline unsymmetric dimer
2005: Photoinduced effects in nematic liquid crystals
2005: Self-assembly of chiral mesoionic heterocycles into smectic phases: a new class of polar liquid crystal
2006: Electrical conductivity and dielectric constant measurements of liquid crystal-gold nanoparticle composites
2006: Tris(N-salicylideneanilines) [TSANs] exhibiting a room temperature columnar mesophase: Synthesis and characterization
2007: Dielectric studies under high pressure on strongly polar liquid crystals exhibiting monolayer smectic A phase
2007: Iodo-substituted triphenylene-based discogens: by metal-mediated oxidative cross-coupling
2007: Mesomorphic chiral non-symmetrical dimers: synthesis and characterization
2007: Synthesis and characterization of non-symmetric chiral dimers
2008: Crystal structure of cholesteryl 5-(4'-(n-decyloxy)-2',3'-difluoro-biphenyl-4-yloxy)pentanoate - a liquid crystalline non-symmetric dimer
2008: Drifting Periodic Structures in a Degenerate-Planar Bent-Rod Nematic Liquid Crystal Beyond the Dielectric Inversion Frequency
2008: Electroconvection in a Homeotropic Bent-Rod Nematic Liquid Crystal Beyond the Dielectric Inversion Frequency
2008: Frequency and temperature dependence of the dielectric parameters of wide temperature range TGBA and TGBC* phases of unsymmetrical liquid crystal dimers
2009: Characteristics of electrical properties of wide temperature range TGB phases in liquid crystal dimers.
2009: Converse Flexoelectric Effect in Bent-Core Nematic Liquid Crystals
2009: Crystal structure of an optically active non-symmetric liquid crystal dimer: cholesteryl 5-[4-(4-n-heptylphenylethynyl)phenoxy]pentanoate
2009: Crystal structure of bis(cholesteryl)4,4'-(1,2-phenylenebis(oxy))-dibutanoate: an oligomesogen
2009: Dielectric spectroscopy of unsymmetrical liquid crystal dimers showing wide temperature range TGBA and TGBC* phases
2009: Fast Responding Robust Nematic Liquid Crystalline Gels Formed by a Monodisperse Dipeptide: Electro-Optic and Rheological Studies


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