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Yeap, Guan-Yeow

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Yeap, G.Y.;   Yeap, Guanyeow

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Yeap, G.-Y.


Adnan, Rohana;   Ahmad Kamil Mahmood, Wan;   Boey, Peng-Lim;   Górecka, Ewa;   Ha, Sie-Tiong;   Hamid, Shafida Abd;   Harrison, William T.A.;   Henderson, Peter A.;   Hng, Tiang-Chuan;   Imrie, Corrie T.;   Ishikawa, Ken;   Ishizawa, Nobuo;   Ito, Masato M.;   Kakeya, Masaki;   Koh, Teck-Ming;   Lim, Phaik-Leng;   Lin, Hong-Cheu;   Mahmood, Wan Ahmad Kamil;   Nakai, Hironori;   Nakamura, Yoshiyuki;   Nakata, Michi;   Okamoto, Masaki;   Ong, Lay-Khoon;   Ong, Siew-Teng;   Ooi, Whui-Shan;   Osakada, Kohtaro;   Sanehisa, Shigeki;   Sivasothy, Yasodha;   Susanti, Icum;   Takahashi, Yumika;   Takanishi, Yoichi;   Takeuchi, Daisuke;   Takezoe, Hideo;   Teoh, Boon-Siew;   Ueno, Koichi;   Vill, Volkmar;   Win, Yip-Foo;   Wong, Joanna Pik-Wan;   Yam, Wan-Sinn;   Yamaki, Masayoshi;   Yeap, Sue-Yi;   Youhei, Yamashita;   Zhang, Cheng

Publication Titles

1998: New Tin-Schiff's Base Materials : Coordination Chemistry and Single Crystal Structure Determination
2000: Smectic A and smectic C materials: partially deuteriated chiral liquid crystals (S)-(-)-2-methylbuty 4-(4-(d13)-hexyloxyphenyl)benzoate and (S)-(-)-2-methylbutyl 4-(4-(d17)-octyloxyphenyl)benzoate
2002: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of Schiff base esters p-n-octadecanoyloxybenzylidene-p-cyano-, p-hydroxy-, p-nitro, and p-carboxyanilines
2004: Fourier Transform Infrared and Conformational Analysis of Cholesteryl 4-n-Alkoxybenzoates in Solution
2005: Synthesis and Phase Transition in New Chalcone Derivatives: Crystal Structure of 1-Phenyl-3-(4'-undecylcarbonyloxyphenyl)-2-propen-1-one
2006: Nematic and Smectic a Phases in Ortho-Hydroxy-Para-Hexadecanoyloxbenzylidene-Para-Substituted Anilines
2006: Smectogenic properties of N,N'-bis[(2-hydroxy-4-alkoxyphenyl)methylene]benzene-1,4-diamine liquid crystals with double lateral H-bonds
2006: Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Mesogenic Schief Base Esters N-[4-(4-n-Hexadecanoyloxybenzoyloxy)-Benzylidene]-4-Substituted Anilines
2006: Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Symmetrical Dimers N,N'-Bis(3-Methoxy-4-Alkoxybenzylidene)-1,4-Phenylenediamine
2006: Synthesis, physical and mesomorphic properties of Schiff's base esters containing ortho-, meta- and para-substituents in benzylidene-4'-alkanoyloxyanilines
2007: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 7-acyloxy-3-(4-acyloxyphenyl)-4H-1-benzopyran-4-one
2008: Novel Nonsymmetric Trimeric Liquid Crystals Exhibiting Glassy Nematic State at Low Temperatures
2008: Synthesis and Phase Behavior of New Isoflavone Derivatives: Crystal Structure of 7-Hexyloxy-3-[4'-(3-methylbutyloxy)phenyl]-4H-1-benzopyran-4-one
2008: Synthesis and Phase Behaviour of Some New Isoflavone Derivatives
2008: Synthesis, thermal stabilities, and anisotropic properties of some new isoflavone-based esters 7-decanoyloxy-3-(4'-substitutedphenyl)-4H-1-benzopyran-4-ones
2009: Chirality-Induced Liquid Crystalline Properties of Seven-Ring Trimeric Mesogens Incorporating Dual Chiral Centers
2009: Heterocyclic benzothiazole-based liquid crystals: synthesis and mesomorphic properties
2009: Laterally Brominated Symmetric Liquid Crystal Trimers with (S)-(-)-2-Methylbutyl-4'-(4''-phenyl)benzoate Exhibiting N* and Blue Phases
2009: Liquid crystal oligomers: going beyond dimers
2009: Mesogenic Schiff's base ether with dimethylamino end group
2009: Non-Symmetric Liquid Crystal Dimers: High Thermal Stability in Nematic Phase Enhanced by Thiophene-2-Carboxylate Moiety
2009: Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of 2-(4-Alkyloxyphenyl)benzothiazoles
2009: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of new Schiff base esters with different alkyl chains
2009: Why do non-symmetric dimers intercalate? The synthesis and characterisation of the a-(4-benzylidene-substituted-aniline-4'-oxy)-?-(2-methylbutyl-4'-(4?-phenyl)benzoateoxy)alkanes


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