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Yasuda, A.

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Yasuda, Akio


Blinov, Lev M.;   Bloor, D.;   Bunz, U.H.F.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Cross, G.H.;   Grell, M.;   Haase, W.;   Hagen, R.;   Hashimoto, S.;   Hide, F.;   Hollfelder, N.;   Itoh, K.;   Iwamura, T.;   Kay, A.J.;   Kilickiran, P.;   Kloppenburg, L.;   Knoll, W.;   Kostromine, S.;   Love, G.D.;   Lucht, S.;   Lupo, D.;   Masutani, A.;   Matsumoto, T.;   Meerholz, K.;   Meisel, A.;   Miteva, T.;   Morikawa, T.;   Müller, D.C.;   Neher, D.;   Nelles, G.;   Nito, K.;   Nothofer, H.G.;   Ozaki, Y.;   Palto, S.P.;   Pikin, S.A.;   Podgornov, F.V.;   Pozhidaev, E.P.;   Pålsson, L.-O.;   Roberts, A.;   Roberts, T.;   Sakaguchi, K.;   Sakaigawa, A.;   Scherf, U.;   Schüller, B.;   Shirai, E.;   Shirai, K.;   Sinha, A.;   Szablewski, M.;   Takanashi, H.;   Tanno, J.;   Walba, David M.;   Woolhouse, A.D.

Publication Titles

1995: Dynamic polarized infrared spectroscopy of electric field-induced molecular reorientation in a chiral smectic-A liquid crystal
1998: A relaxation of tilt angle in a ferroelectric liquid crystal studied by time-resolved FT-IR
1998: Properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystal device made by a coating technique
1998: Time-resolved total internal reflection Raman scattering study of electric-field-induced reorientation dynamics of nematic liquid crystal of 4-hexyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
2000: Polarized electroluminescence from highly aligned liquid crystalline polymers
2001: Improving the Performance of Polyfluorene-Based Organic Light-Emitting Diodes via End-capping
2002: "Thresholdless" hysteresis-free switching as an apparent phenomenon of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
2002: Photoaddressable Polymers for LC Alignment
2002: Thresholdless Electrooptical Switching as an Apparent Phenomenon in Surface Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
2003: Orientation and solvatochromism of dyes in liquid crystals
2003: Photoaddressable polymers for liquid crystal alignment
2006: Improvement of dichroic polymer dispersed liquid crystal performance using lift-off technique


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