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Abileah, Adi;   Barbara, T.;   Baron, Yair;   Cannella, Vincent;   Chidichimo, Giuseppe;   Dailey, B.P.;   Doane, J. William;   Doane, J.W.;   Fink, Richard Lee;   Kumar, Nalin;   Lu, Min-Hua;   McGill, John;   Tolt, Zhidan Li;   Vaz, Nuno;   Vaz, Nuno A.;   Vijan, Meera;   Yuan, Haiji;   den Boer, Willem

Publication Titles

1981: Direct nuclear magnetic resonance measurements of biaxiality in the cholesteric liquid crystalline phase
1981: Twist impeded self-diffusion in a cholesteric
1982: Biaxial ordering, self-diffusion, and helix-distortion effects on deuterium NMR spectral patterns from cholesteric liquid crystals
1982: NMR spectral patterns in magneto-aligned biaxial liquid crystals
1989: Full color display with amorphous silicon PIN diodes for high performance applications
1991: Active matrix LCDs driven by two- and three-terminal switches: a comparison
1992: Optical-tiled AMLCD for very large display applications
1996: Color reflective liquid-crystal display device
1998: Back light for color liquid - crystal display
2001: Liquid crystal display and method of making same
2001: Liquid crystal display with dielectric layer having at least two openings corresponding to each picture element and method of making same
2001: Multipole Liquid crystal display with at least two pairs of spaced electrode for each display pixel
2001: Surface treatment process used in growing a carbon film for a enhanced field emitter device for economic fabrication of LCD displays


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