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Yaniv, Z.

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Yaniv, Zvi


Allender, D.;   Cannella, V.;   Chidichimo, G.;   Doane, J.W.;   Dong, R.Y.;   Glasser, J.;   Golemme, A.;   Hafiz, N.;   Hansell, G.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Payson, J.S.;   Schmiedel, H.;   Skebe, G.;   Swartz, L.;   Vaz, M.J.;   Vaz, N.A.P.;   Vaz, Nuno A.P.;   Vijan, M.;   Yang, Deng-Ke;   den Boer, W.

Publication Titles

1982: 2D NMR observation of pairing in materials forming the reentrant nematic phase
1982: Investigation of the ribbon structure of a lyotropic liquid crystal by deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance
1982: Space modulation of self-diffusion in the cholesteric phase distorted by a magnetic field
1983: 2H NMR measurements of the molecular orientational ordering in a reentrant liquid-crystalline mixture
1983: Deuterium NMR spectra of the cholesteric and blue phases: A study of biaxiality
1983: Deuterium NMR spectral patterns in magneto-aligned smectic E and G phases
1983: New variant of reentrant polymorphism in liquid crystals
1983: Reentrant cholesteric phase
1984: Novel thin-film {\f1 a}-Si-approach to drive active matrices displays
1984: Photovoltaic effect on {\f1 a}-Si/liquid crystal/ITO cell
1984: Structure of the ribbon lyotropic mesophase as determined by 2H-NMR-spectroscopy
1984: The Effect of Twist on Biaxial Ordering in the Cholesteric Phase
1985: An active matrix liquid crystal display using a novel amorphous silicon switching device
1985: Deuterium NMR spectral patterns of the magneto-aligned smectic G phase
1994: Cholesteric reflective display: drive scheme and contrast


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