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Yang, Yu-Liang

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Yang, Y.L.;   Yang, Yuliang

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Yang, Y.-L.


Ding, Jian-Dong;   Ding, Jiang Dong;   Fang, Hanfeng;   Feng, Jun;   Hong, Ke;   Hong, Suck Won;   Hu, Yu-Hong;   Huang, Mei-Rong;   Huo, Yanli;   Jiang, Xiu-Li;   Li, Fuming;   Li, Xin-Gui;   Lin, Zhi-Qun;   Lu, Jianming;   Luo, Kai-Fu;   Pan, Yi;   Pang, Baorong;   Pang, Baoyong;   Qiu, Feng;   Shen, Yimin;   Shi, An-Chang;   Song, Wendi;   Sun, Mingzhu;   Tang, Ping;   Wang, Jia-Fang;   Wang, Jun;   Wang, Tao;   Wu, Tailiu;   Xia, Jianfeng;   Xu, Guo-Qiang;   Yan, Dong;   Yu, Tongyin;   Zhang, Hondong;   Zhang, Hong-Dong;   Zhang, Jianwen;   Zhu, Jun-Xiang

Publication Titles

1990: Polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC) for display application
1991: Morphology and optoelectronic properties of PDLC [polymer dispersed liquid crystal ]
1991: Polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC) for display application
1991: Preparation of epoxy-based PDLC [polymer dispersed liquid crystal ] and its electrooptical properties
1992: Birefringence patterns of nematic droplets
1993: Gridding method and analytical method for calculating polarizing optical patterns
1993: Molecular field theory and Monte-Carlo simulation of phase transition in surface-aligned nematic films
1994: Monte Carlo simulation of band texture formation in macroscopically oriented semirigid polymer system
1994: Phase equilibria in mixtures of thermotropic small molecular liquid crystals and flexible polymers
1994: Polarized optical microscopy and small-angle light-scattering studies on nematic droplets in PDLC electro-optical materials
1994: Recent development of liquid crystal/polymer composite display materials
1994: Small angle light scattering from axial nematic droplets
1994: Theoretical and experimental studies on depth-induced light extinction in nematic droplets
1995: Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display materials and the physics of liquid crystal small systems
1995: Proton dipolar spinning-sideband intensities in the MAS NMR spectrum of a solid containing a molecular group with fast anisotropic rotation
1995: Restructuring of polymer-dispersed nematic droplets in external electric field
1995: Sinusoidal supermolecular structure of band textures in a pre-sheared hydroxypropyl cellulose film
1995: Statistical thermodynamics theory of phase equilibria in mixtures of thermotropic liquid crystals and flexible polymers
1995: The spatial inhomogeneity of rodlike polymeric systems subject to simple shear flow
1996: A preliminary morphological evidence for the existence of back-flow effect associated with the formation of band texture after cessation of shear for a polymeric liquid crystal
1996: Band-texture decorated spatial distribution of molecular orientation around air bubbles in hydroxypropyl cellulose aqueous solution
1996: Brownian dynamics simulation of external magnetic field effect on director tumbling in liquid-crystalline polymers under shear flow
1996: Compensation effects of crystals and liquid crystals in polarizing optical microscope
1996: Director configurations of nematic liquid crystalline droplets and corresponding configuration transitions
1996: Loop-like light extinction in the precipitation film of a presheared lyotropic polymeric liquid crystal
1996: Textures of the coagulated films of presheared PBZT solution
1997: Depth-dependence and wavelength-dependence of the contrast ratio of the twisted nematic liquid crystal device
1997: Early stage phase separation kinetics in flexible polymer/ liquid crystal mixture
1997: Kinetics of spinodal decomposition in mixtures of low-molecular-weight liquid crystals and flexible polymers
1997: Occurrence of both sinusoidal and zigzag supermolecular structures associated with band textures in a liquid crystalline polymer
1998: Band textures in the pre-sheared hydroxypropyl cellulose film and corresponding evolution process
1998: Domain growth dynamics and Freedericksz transitions of liquid crystals : Brownian dynamics simulations on lattices
1998: Monte Carlo Simulations of an Oriented Semirigid Polymer Film-Formation of Band Textures
1998: Monte Carlo simulation of the interface between flexible polymers and low molecular liquid crystals
1998: Pattern formation and pattern selection of polymeric complex fluids
1998: Phase diagrams of mixtures of flexible polymers and nematic liquid crystals in a field
1998: Static External Field Effects on the Hydrodynamic Instability of Liquid Crystals Subject to Simple Shear Flow
1999: Phase separation kinetics in mixtures of flexible polymers and low-molecular-weight liquid crystals
1999: Spinodal decomposition kinetics of a mixture of liquid crystals and polymers
1999: Structure and high-resolution thermogravimetry of liquid-crystalline copoly(p-oxybenzoate-ethylene terephthalate-p-benzamide)
2002: Lamellar Orientation and Corresponding Rheological Properties of Symmetric Diblock Copolymers under Steady Shear Flow
2003: FFT algorithm for calculating the SALS patterns from anisotropic objects immersed in an isotropic matrix
2003: Self-consistent field theory of mixtures of flexible polymers and small liquid crystalline molecules
2003: The Morphology and Dynamics of the Viscoelastic Microphase Separation of Diblock Copolymers
2004: Morphology and phase diagram of complex block copolymers: ABC linear triblock copolymers
2006: Applications of self-consistent field theory in polymer systems
2006: Dynamic research of pattern formation in two phase system of nematic liquid crystal and hard particles
2006: Phase Separation Kinetics of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals Confined between Two Parallel Walls
2006: Shape of Fluid Vesicles Anchored by Rigid Rod
2007: Phase Separation of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals on a Chemically Patterned Substrate
2008: Solitons and defects in nematic liquid crystals under a simple shear flow and in a static external magnetic field
2009: New Numerical Implementation of Self-Consistent Field Theory for Semiflexible Polymers


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