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Yakovenko, S.S.


Adomenas, P.V.;   Blinov, Lev M.;   Chicherin, A.E.;   Chistyakov, I.G.;   Chumakova, S.P.;   Eigenbrot, V.M.;   Gotra, Z.Yu.;   Kabaenkov, A.Yu.;   Kalinina, T.A.;   Kapustin, A.P.;   Kazlauskas, P.;   Khaimov-Mal'kov, A.V.;   Kleinman, I.A.;   Mesropyan, A.N.;   Molochko, V.A.;   Paeda, S.I.;   Radzhabov, D.Z.;   Sakharova, I.I.;   Semiletov, S.A.;   Sonin, A.A.;   Tubalyte, A.;   Vistin, L.K.;   Vistins, L.;   Yablonskii, S.V.;   Yarosheva, A.I.;   Zharenov, R.I.

Publication Titles

1976: Change in the domain pattern of nematic liquid crystals in electric fields
1976: Use of an infrared spectroscopic method for determining the orientation of molecules in liquid-crystal layers which strongly scatter light
1977: Deformation-texture transition in smectic A
1977: Formation of domains of the second kind in nematic liquid crystals with positive dielectric anisotropy
1978: Use of the method of light scattering for determining the texture of a liquid-crystal sample under dynamic scattering conditions
1981: Behavior of second-order domains in nematic crystals in electric fields stronger than the threshold field
1981: Determination of periodically modulated liquid-crystal structures by an optical diffraction method
1981: Determination of spatially periodically modulated structures in optically anisotropic media by means of optical diffraction
1981: Interference narrowing of diffraction maxima in liquid crystal diffraction gratings
1981: Phenomenon of the expansion of diffraction maximums in liquid-crystal diffraction gratings
1982: Effect of asymmetric extinguishment in anisotropic diffraction gratings
1982: Ferroelectric liquid crystals and their use
1983: Determination of longitudinal domain structures in nematics using diffraction techniques
1983: Diffraction of light on liquid-crystal modulated systems at inclined incidence
1983: Electrooptic and dynamic optical effects in liquid crystals near phase transitions
1985: Photovoltage in nematic liquid crystals
1986: Two types of structure of Kapustin-Williams domains
1987: Conductivity characteristics of mesogens in contact with silicon
1987: Effect of anomalously high conduction of liquid crystal with silicon contact
1990: Flexo-electric polarization and anchoring energy for a nematic liquid crystal in a hybrid cell
1990: Viscous "fingers" in a ferroelectric liquid crystal. Investigation by means of the local pyroelectricity method
1992: Viscous fingers and wetting phenomena in ferroelectric smectics


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