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Yablonsky, S.V.

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Yablonski, S.V.;   Yablonskii, S.V.;   Yablonskij, S.V.;   Yablonsky, S.-V.;   Yablonsky, Sergey V.


Andruzzi, F.;   Beresnev, L.A.;   Blinov, Lev M.;   Bosio, L.;   Davidyan, S.A.;   Durand, G.;   Kononov, S.G.;   Konstantinov, I.I.;   Kuzmin, N.V.;   Magagnini, P.L.;   Paci, M.;   Pikin, S.A.;   Simon, J.;   Subachius, D.B.;   Tournilhac, F.;   Tournilhac, F.G.;   Zadorin, A.N.

Publication Titles

1984: The electric current caused by a pulse flow of a nematic liquid crystal
1988: Flexoelectric effects in liquid crystals
1992: Curvature oscillations and linear electrooptical effect in a surface layer of a nematic liquid crystal
1992: Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Side Chain Copolymers Containing Chiral Flexible Spacers
1992: Ferroelectric liquid crystals from achiral molecules
1992: Polyphilic Compounds: Evidence for Ferroelectricity in a Nonchiral Mesophase
1993: Physical properties of achiral mesomorphic ferroelectrics
1993: Synthesis of polyphilic compounds: evidence for ferroelectricity in a non-chiral mesophase
1996: New side chain liquid crystalline copolymers with chiral centers in flexible spacers


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14th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Pisa, 1992, C
14th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Pisa, 1992, K
Ferroelectrics, 84, 365
J. Phys. II, 2, 1287
Liq. Cryst., 14, 405
Mol. Materials, 6, 275
Nature, 359, 621
Synth. Metals, 54, 253

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