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Xue, Chenchen

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Xue, C.


Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Ge, Jason J.;   Graham, Matthew J.;   Guo, Mingming;   Harris, Frank W.;   Huang, Huabing;   Jeong, Kwang-Un;   Jin, Shi;   Li, Christopher Y.;   Li, Liang;   Shen, Hong;   Shen, Zhi-Hao;   Weng, Xing;   Xue, Gi;   Zhang, Dong;   Zhou, Dongshan;   Zhu, Lei

Publication Titles

2002: Molecular Orientation and Relaxation on a Surface of a Thin Film of Polymeric Liquid Crystalline
2004: Self-assembled "Supra-molecular" Structures via Hydrogen Bonding and Aromatic/Aliphatic Microphase Separation on Different Length Scales in Symmetric-Tapered Bisamides

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