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Wynne, Kenneth J.

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Wynne, K.J.


Avlyanov, Jamshid K.;   Bertolucci, Massimo;   Calvert, Jeffrey M.;   Chiellini, Emo;   Cooke, Robert S.;   Crawford, Renate J.;   Epstein, Arthur J.;   Fujiwara, Tomoko;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Gebler, Darren D.;   Huang, Feng;   Huang, Zheyuan;   MacDiarmid, Alan G.;   Makal, Umit;   Shashidhar, Ranganathan;   Swager, Timothy M.;   Vargo, Terrence G.;   Wan, Yunzhang;   Wang, Hsing-Lin;   Wang, Pen-Cheng;   Whitesides, George M.;   Xia, Younan

Publication Titles

1996: Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
1996: Conducting substrate for liquid-crystal display device
2003: Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Amphiphilic Telechelic Polyoxetanes
2004: Wetting Behavior of Films of New Fluorinated Styrene-Siloxane Block Copolymers
2005: Polyurethanes Containing Oxetane-Derived Poly(2,2-substituted-1,3-propylene oxide) Soft Blocks: Copolymer Effect on Wetting Behavior


IS&T's Annu. Conf., Final Program Proc., 49th, 381
Langmuir, 21, 10749
Macromolecules, 36, 9383
Macromolecules, 37, 3666
WO 9.628.756 (1996/09/19)

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