Index Name

Wu, Qi-Hong

Alternative Writings

Wu, Q.-H.;   Wu, Qihong

Similar Names

Wu, Q.H.


Arnold, Matthew;   Hodgkinson, Ian;   Hodgkinson, Ian J.;   Knight, Ben;   Lakhtakia, Akhlesh;   McCall, Martin W.;   Moddel, Garret;   Peng, Song;   Perlmutter, Stephen H.;   Rice, Robert A.;   Robbie, Kevin;   Tang, Jin-Fa;   de Silva, Lakshman

Publication Titles

1990: Liquid crystal spatial light modulator using amorphous silicon photoconductor
1994: High-reflectivity patterned metal mirror used in an optically addressed spatial light modulator
2000: Vacuum deposition of chiral sculptured thin films with high optical activity
2003: Supermodes of Chiral Photonic Filters with Combined Twist and Layer Defects

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