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Wu, Lei

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Wu, L.


Bellini, Tommaso;   Birgeneau, R.J.;   Burton, Erik A.;   Cheng, Fei;   Clark, Noel A.;   Ernst, Richard M.;   Falcone, Eric R.;   Garland, C.W.;   Garland, Carl W.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Lal, Jyotsana;   Liu, Chu-heng;   Luk, Yan-Yeung;   Muzny, Chris D.;   Nagel, Sidney R.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Nounesis, G.;   Oliver, Bernard J.;   Pfeiffer, Sebastian;   Schaefer, Dale W.;   Shao, Y.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Simon, Karen A.;   Varghese, Nisha;   Young, M.J.

Publication Titles

1992: Calorimetric study of a closed reentrant nematic region
1992: Phase behavior of the liquid crystal 8CB in a silica aerogel
1992: Quadrupolar susceptibility of complex fluids
1993: Search for SmAd-SmAd' transitions
1994: Critical behavior of the second harmonic in a density wave system
1994: X-ray diffraction study of the smectic-~A fluid antiphase and its transitions to smectic-A1 and smectic-A2 phases
2009: Nonamphiphilic Assembly in Water: Polymorphic Nature, Thread Structure, and Thermodynamic Incompatibility
2010: Controlling Thread Assemblies of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Liquid Crystal Phase by Using Functionalized Nanotopography


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