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Wutz, Christoph

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Wutz, C.


Bark, M.;   Bartos, S.;   Cronauer, J.;   Dingemans, T.;   Domschke, Angelika;   Döhrmann, R.;   Gieseler, Dagmar;   Gurau, Mihai;   Gurke, I.;   Heidelbach, F.;   Janssens, B.;   Kricheldorf, Hans R.;   Maevis, Tanja;   Photinos, D.J.;   Probst, Nicolas;   Riekel, C.;   Samulski, Edward T.;   Schleyer, Dana;   Schwarz, Gert;   Schäfer, Ralf;   Stribeck, Norbert;   Teris, A.F.;   Thomsen, S.;   Thomsen, Sven;   Wulff, Dirk F.;   Zachmann, H.G.

Publication Titles

1995: Chain packing and chain dynamics of polymers with layer structures
1995: Liquid Crystalline Polyimides. 25. Smectic and Photoreactive Poly(ester-imide)s of 4-Aminocinnamic Acid and .alpha.,.omega.-Dihydroxyalkanes
1995: Simultaneous measurements of small angle x-ray scattering, wide angle x-ray scattering, and light scattering during phase transitions in polymers (invited)
1996: Layer Structures. 4. Role of Long Alkane Spacers in Poly(ester imide)s Derived from N-(4'-Hydroxyphenyl)-4-hydroxyphthalimide
1997: Conformation and mobility in spacers of smectic poly(ester imide)s
1997: Layer Structures 8. Poly(benzoxazole-ester)s with a Four-Layer or a Six-Layer Repeat Unit
1997: Phase transitions in smectic poly(ester imide)s derived from 4-aminocinnamic acid trimellitimide and long aliphatic spacers
1997: Smectic -spherulitic - a new morphology
1998: Conformation of spacers in smectic poly(ester imide)s
1998: Layer structures. Part 9. Poly(ester imide)s with a four-layer or a six-layer repeat unit
1998: Layer structures: 10. Conformation and dynamics of long aliphatic spacers in smectic layers of poly(ester-imide)s based on 4-aminobenzoic acid trimellitimide
1999: Formation of smectic spherulites in poly(ester imides)
1999: Layer structures. Part 13. Chiral sanidic polyesters derived from 2,5-bis(alkylthio)terephthalic acids
1999: Molecular Order of the Mesogens in Smectic Poly(ester imide) Fibers
2000: Micro-focus X-ray scanning on layers of smectic superstructures
2000: Molecular order and phase transitions in smectic poly(ester imide)s based on trimellitimide
2001: Shape and position of middle-angle scattering peaks from smectic phases of polymers
2002: Crystallization kinetics of copoly(ester imide)s derived from PBT, trimellitic anhydride, and aliphatic diamines
2002: Layer Morphology of a Poly(ester imide) LCP in Different Solid States
2002: Ordering of Polar Solutes in Nematic Solvents


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