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Woo, E.M.


Chen, C.-Y.;   Ho, Rong-Ming;   Ko, T.Y.;   Ko, Tong Y.;   Lee, M.L.;   Lin, R.H.;   Sun, Y.-S.;   Sun, Ya-Sen;   Wu, Fu Sun;   Wu, Ming Chien

Publication Titles

1995: Some new evidence for polymorphism in cold-crystallized and melt-crystallized poly(ether ether ketone)
1996: A differential scanning calorimetry study on poly(ethylene terephthalate) isothermally crystallized at stepwise temperatures. Multiple melting behavior re-investigated
1996: Changes and distribution of lamellae in the spherulites of poly(ether ether ketone) upon stepwise crystallization
1998: On the multiple melting behavior of polymorphic syndiotactic polystyrene and its behavior in a miscible state
1999: Interactions between polystyrenes of different tacticities and thermal evidence for miscibility
1999: Melting behavior and identification of polymorphic crystals in syndiotactic polystyrene
1999: Relationships between Polymorphic Crystals and Multiple Melting Peaks in Crystalline Syndiotactic Polystyrene
2003: Polymorphism and Phase Transitions upon Annealing in Solvent-Cast vs Quenched Syndiotactic Polystyrene and Its Blends with Atactic Polystyrene


Colloid Polym. Sci., 274, 309
Macromol. Chem. Phys., 199, 2041
Macromolecules, 32, 7836
Macromolecules, 36, 8415
Polym. J. (Tokyo), 27, 361
Polymer, 37, 1167
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