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Wolarz, Eryk

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Wolarz, E.


Bauman, Danuta;   Bialecka-Florjanczyk, Ewa;   Chrzumnicka, Ewa;   Fiksinski, Krzysztof;   Grabtschev, Ivo K.;   Hanemann, Thomas;   Martynski, T.;   Martynski, Tomasz;   Moneva, Ivanka T.;   Moryson, Hanka;   Mykowska, E.;   Mykowska, Ewa;   Stolarski, R.

Publication Titles

1990: Orientational order in a liquid crystal side chain polymer doped with a stilbene dye
1991: Polarized fluorescence studies of orientational order in some nematic liquid crystals doped with stilbene dye
1992: Determination of some dye parameters by polarized fluorescence spectroscopy
1993: Study of orientational order in a nematic polysiloxane by utilizing the "guest-host" effect
1994: Spectral properties of some naphthalenedicarboxylic acid derivatives; comparison of experimental results with theoretical predictions
1994: Study of nematic order in guest-host mixtures by polarized optical spectroscopy
1995: Application of "guest-host" effect in passive and active liquid crystal displays
1995: Application of optical spectroscopy methods to determine orientational order in uniaxial liquid crystalline phases of polymers with mesogenic side groups
1995: Order parameter of side groups of a polysiloxane in liquid crystalline uniaxial phases
1996: New unsaturated 1,8-naphthalimide dyes for use in nematic liquid crystals
1996: Study of orientational order of liquid crystal 8OCB doped with perylene-like dyes by polarized optical spectroscopy
1998: Molecular orientation of perylene-like dyes in liquid crystal 8OCB
1998: Synthesis and thermal properties of twin compounds, alkanediacids 4-(4'-cyano)-biphenyl diesters
1999: Dielectric study of the liquid crystalline dimer .alpha.,.omega.-bis(4'-cyanobiphenyl-4-yloxy)decane
2000: Molecular orientation in liquid crystalline side chain polymers doped with dichroic dye as studied by optical spectroscopy methods
2009: Electronic absorption and fluorescence of new tetrafluoro-pentenyl-perylene in isotropic solvents, liquid crystal layers, and LB films


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