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Winkler, Rainer

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Winkler, R.


Andrejewski, Dirk;   El Gawhary, Magdi;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Gohary, Magdi;   Haas, Wolfgang;   Häberle, Norman;   Kreuzer, Franz Heinrich;   Kreuzer, Franz-Heinrich;   Luckas, Hans Joachim;   Schierlinger, Christian;   Stowischek, Klaus

Publication Titles

1982: Compositions based on cyclic organopolysiloxanes exhibiting liquid crystal phases
1990: Liquid-crystal polyorganosiloxanes containing (meth)acryloxy groups, their preparation, and their use
1990: Silylated benzoic acid derivative liquid crystals for electrooptical display devices
1991: Silylated benzoic acid derivative liquid crystals for display devices
1997: Liquid-crystal organosiloxanes containing chiral dianhydrohexite derivatives and their preparation and uses


DE 3.110.048 (1982/09/30)
EP 358.208 (1990/03/14)
EP 404.140 (1990/12/27)
EP 405.326 (1991/01/02)
EP 773.250 (1997/05/14)

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