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Willner, L.

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Willner, Lutz


Alba-Simionesco, C.;   Andersen, K.H.;   Braun, F.;   Cailliaux, A.;   Frick, B.;   Goncharenko, I.;   Hess, M.;   Heß, M.;   Kosfeld, R.;   Kosfeld, Robert

Publication Titles

1989: Synthesis and thermal behavior of model compounds for thermotropic main chain polyesters
1989: Synthesis and thermal properties of diurethanes containing various mesogenic units
1990: Silicone containing liquid crystalline polyurethanes and polyesters
2003: Influence of density and temperature on the microscopic structure and the segmental relaxation of polybutadiene
2003: Local structure and glass transition of polybutadiene up to 4 GPa


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Makromol. Chem., Rapid Commun., 10, 51
Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., 175, 297
Phys. Rev. E, 67, 010802
Phys. Rev. E, 67, 051801

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