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Williams, G.


Aldridge, George Anthony;   Andrews, Stuart R.;   Attard, George;   Attard, George S.;   Attard, George Simon;   Chen, Chao-Hsun;   Correia, Nartalia T.;   Fernandes, Anabela;   Gray, George W.;   Hill, J.S.;   Hill, Jonathan S.;   Hsieh, Kuo-Huang;   Hsieh, Tsung-Tang;   Jenkins, W.N.;   Jeremy Jones, W.;   Jones, W. Jeremy;   Karasz, F.E.;   Karasz, Frank E.;   Kellar, Ewen J.C.;   Kozak, Andrzej;   Krongauz, Valeri;   Lacey, D.;   Lacey, David;   Laupretre, Francoise;   Mano, Joao F.;   Marugan, Monica M.;   Moscicki, Jozef K.;   Moura-Ramos, J.J.;   Moura-Ramos, Joaquim J.;   Nazemi, A.;   Nazemi, Ali;   Nestor, Gary;   Noel, Claudine;   Ramos, Joaquim J. Moura;   Shinton, Sara;   Shinton, Sara E.;   Simon, George P.;   Thomas, Dale K.;   Thomas, Daniel W.;   Tiu, Carlos;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   White, Michael S.;   Yitzchaik, Shlomo

Publication Titles

1983: The effect of restricted rotational diffusion on the dynamics of rodlike molecules in concentrated solution
1985: Dielectric, nuclear magnetic resonance and electron spin resonance studies of relaxation processes in a liquid-crystalline polyester
1986: Liquid crystalline side chain polymers
1986: Molecular dynamics of a smectic liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer in its unaligned and aligned states as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1987: Molecular dynamics of a smectic liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer - the dielectric properties of aligned and nonaligned material studied over a wide range of frequency and temperature
1987: Novel optical properties of liquid-crystal polymers
1987: Optical technology: Novel optical properties of liquid-crystal polymers
1987: The effect of contamination by side-chain precursor on the molecular dynamics of a smectogenic siloxane copolymer as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1989: Alignment processes in a smectogenic side-chain liquid-crystal copolymer
1990: Dielectric spectroscopy of a side chain liquid crystal polymer
1990: The kinetics of alignment of a liquid crystal polymer in a d.c. electric field
1991: Dielectric relaxation properties and alignment behavior of a liquid-crystalline polymer having laterally attached mesogenic groups
1991: Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy and molecular dynamics of a liquid-crystalline polyacrylate containing spiropyran groups
1991: Electric field induced a.c. alignment and realignment, a study of a liquid-crystalline copolymer having longitudinally and laterally attached mesogenic groups as side chains monitored through dielectric spectroscopy and optical thermomicroscopy
1992: The alignment of LC side-chain polymers in directing electric fields: theory and practice
1993: A consideration of the accuracy and application of the Brather approximation for the transformation of dielectric relaxation data from the time domain to the frequency domain
1994: Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy of polymers revealing dynamics in isotropic and anisotropic stationary systems and changes in molecular mobility in non-stationary systems
1994: Dielectric studies of liquid crystal side-chain polymers
1994: The dipolar relaxation behavior of a liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer as studied by thermally stimulated discharge currents
1996: Dipolar relaxation mechanisms in the vitreous state, in the glass transition region and in the mesophase, of a side chain polysiloxane liquid crystal
1996: Supermolecular alignment in a liquid crystal-polymer gel as studied optically and by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1999: Properties of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer blends
2001: Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy and alignment behavior of a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal and its component materials
2002: Raman scattering studies of homogeneous and twisted-nematic liquid crystal cells and the determination of P2 and P4 order parameters
2004: On the determination of order parameters for homogeneous and twisted nematic liquid crystals from Raman spectroscopy


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