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Williams, David J.

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Williams, D.J.


Ashton, Peter R.;   Colquhoun, Howard M.;   Dudman, Christopher C.;   Joachimi, Detlev;   Konstantinova, Lidia S.;   Lewis, Andrew L.;   O'Mahoney, Caroline A.;   Rakitin, Oleg A.;   Rees, Charles W.;   Robinson, Gareth C.;   Souvorova, Ljudmila I.;   Spencer, Neil;   Stoddart, J. Fraser;   Torroba, Tomas;   Tschierske, Carsten;   White, Andrew J.P.;   Zab, Kerstin

Publication Titles

1990: Applications for thermotropic liquid crystal polymer blends
1990: Ferroelectric liquid crystal with extreme polarization: x-ray structure analysis of the crystalline phase
1994: Novel macrocyclic liquid crystal
1995: Hydrophilic poly-ylids derived from 4,4'-bipyridyl: synthesis, structure and membrane-forming characteristics
1996: Cyclopenta-1,2-dithioles, Cyclopenta-1,2-thiazines, and Methylenoindenes from New Molecular Rearrangements
1997: Applications and markets for thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters (TLCPs)
1999: One-pot synthesis of new liquid crystalline indeno heterocyclic materials
2000: Crystal and Molecular Simulation of High-Performance Polymers


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