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Wiener-Avnear, E.

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Weiner-Avnear, E.


Bleha, W.P.;   Brown, H.B.;   Casasent, David;   Dvorjetski, D.;   Grinberg, J.;   Lipton, L.T.;   Markevitch, B.V.;   Quon, W.S.;   Reif, P.G.;   Silberberg, Y.;   Volterra, V.

Publication Titles

1974: Normal mode oscillations of the Williams domains in thin films of nematic liquid crystals
1974: Transient laser phenomena in nematic liquid crystals subject to a. c. electric fields
1975: Laser-induced isotropic holes in nematic liquid crystals
1975: Raman study on several smectic phases in terephthalbis(butylaniline) (TBBA)
1976: Laser speckle studies of the electric field suppression of the fluctuations in nematic liquid crystals
1977: The temperature dependence of the electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals
1978: Application of the liquid crystal light valve to real-time optical data processing


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