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Wennerström, H.

Alternative Writings

Wennerstroem, H.;   Wennerstrom, H.

Similar Names

Wennerström, Håkan


Arvidson, G.;   Engström, S.;   Fontell, K.;   Gotter, M.;   Hamnerius, Y.;   Johansson, Lennart B.-Å.;   Jokela, P.;   Jönsson, B.;   Le, T.D.;   Lindblom, G.;   Lindman, B.;   Lundström, I.;   Olsson, U.;   Paulsson, L.E.;   Pieruschka, P.;   Schurtenberger, P.;   Sottmann, T.;   Strey, R.;   Söderman, O.;   Tiddy, Gordon J.T.;   Ulmius, J.

Publication Titles

1971: Ion binding in liquid crystals studied by NMR. II. Chlorine-35 second-order quadrupole interactions in lamellar mesophase
1974: Theoretical aspects on the NMR of quadrupolar ionic nuclei in micellar solutions and amphiphilic liquid crystals
1977: Amphiphile diffusion in model membrane systems studied by pulsed NMR
1977: Deuteron NMR studies of phase equilibria in a lecithin-water system
1978: Dielectric properties of lamellar lipid water phases
1979: Ion condensation model and nuclear magnetic resonance studies of counterion binding in lyotropic liquid crystals
1980: Ion binding in amphiphile water systems. A comparison between electrostatic theories and NMR experiments
1982: Molecular organization in the liquid-crystalline phases of lecithin-sodium cholate-water systems studied by nuclear magnetic resonance
1985: Phase equilibria in systems containing both an anionic and a cationic amphiphile. A thermodynamic model calculation
1996: Gaussian random field description of fluctuating fluid vesicles
1999: Thermodynamics of a nonionic sponge phase
2005: Monitoring of Sponge- (L3) and Lamellar Phase (Lα) formation kinetics: An investigation of fluid amphiphilic bilayer fusion and fission


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