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Wegner, Gerhard

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Wegner, G.


Arndt, Thomas;   Augenstein, Michael;   Batchelder, David N.;   Belack, Joerg;   Blum, Gernot;   Chi, Chunyan;   D'Aprano, Giuseppe;   Deimede, Valadoula;   Duda, Gisela;   Dutcher, John R.;   Embs, Frank;   Enkelmann, Volker;   Fakirov, Christo;   Ferencz, Andreas;   Funhoff, Dirk;   Fytas, George;   Godt, Adelheid;   Guillon, Daniel;   Gösele, Ulrich;   Hashimoto, Takeji;   Henry, Christelle;   Hickel, Werner;   Hund, Matthias C.;   Höger, Sigurd;   Ibn-Elhaj, Mohammed;   Iida, Shigeki;   Im, Chan;   Jaworek, Thomas;   Jo, Jungho;   Kalachev, Alexei A.;   Kallitsis, Joannis K.;   Kastler, Marcel;   Knoll, Wolfgang;   Kremer, Friedrich;   Kroeger, Anja;   Kräuter, Gertrud;   Laquai, Frédéric;   Larsen, Antje;   Laschewsky, Andre;   Lee, Sukmock;   Li, Jiu Yan;   Licht, Ulrike;   Lieberwirth, Ingo;   Lieser, Günter;   Lieser, Günther;   Litvinov, Victor M.;   Meyer, Wolfgang H.;   Mohr, Bernhard;   Müllen, Klaus;   Ober, Christopher K.;   Ohst, Holger;   Ohta, Kazuchika;   Pakula, Tadeusz;   Plate, Nikolai A.;   Prass, Werner;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Rulkens, Rudy;   Sauer, Thomas;   Schrauwen, Cornelius;   Schulze, Margit;   Schumacher, Andreas;   Seufert, Michael;   Skoulios, Antoine;   Stegeman, George I.;   Suzuki, Masayoshi;   Vahlenkamp, Thomas;   Vogel, Viola;   Wang, Jianguo;   Wang, Wei;   Wehrmann, Rolf;   Wiemers, Norbert;   Witteler, Helmut;   Wu, Junhua;   Yang, Jianling;   Yang, Miao;   Yoon, Do Y.;   Ziegler, Andreas

Publication Titles

1974: Crystallization and melting behavior of copolymers from 3,3-bis(chloromethyl)oxetane and .beta.-propiolactone
1988: Synthesis and reactivity of 1,4-disubstituted butadienes in the solide state
1989: Persistent optical storage in ultrathin polymeric films and read-out by surface plasmons
1989: Rigid-rod polymers from liquid-crystalline phthalocyanines
1990: Influence of subphase conditions on the properties of Langmuir-Blodgett films from substituted phthalocyaninato-polysiloxanes
1990: The structure of langmuir–blodgett films from substituted phthalocyaninato-polysiloxanes
1991: Polysiloxanes at the air/water interface and after transfer onto substrates
1991: Preformed polymers for Langmuir-Blodgett films - molecular concepts
1992: Columnar Mesophase of Copper (II) Alkanoates: PVT Study and X-Ray Investigation under Pressure
1992: Polymerization in lyotropic liquid crystals. 1. Phase behavior of photo-cross-linkable ethylene oxide (PEO)-dimethylsiloxane (PDMS) triblock copolymers PEO-PDMS-PEO in aqueous solution
1992: Polymerization in lyotropic liquid crystals. 2. Synthesis of photo-cross-linkable PEO-PDMS-PEO triblock copolymers and permanent stabilization of their supermolecular structures in lyotropic mesophases
1992: Structure and mechanical properties of films of rigid-rod polymers having flexible side chains
1992: Synthesis and properties of polyesters derived from 2',5'-dialkyl-p-terphenyl-4,4'-diol
1993: Bright field image of banded texture in lyotropic liquid crystals of a polydiacetylene
1993: Effects of surface topology and highly anisotropic polymer LB films on liquid crystal alignment
1993: Lyotropic liquid crystals of a soluble polydiacetylene: a comparative investigation by means of optical and electron microscopy
1993: Partial phase diagrams of poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) copolymers in sulfuric acid
1993: Superlattice model for the elastic properties of polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett films
1993: Textures of liquid - crystalline phases of substituted poly(p-phenylenes)
1994: Elastic constant anisotropy, core structure of wedge disclinations and optical texture of main-chain P-4-BCMU liquid crystals
1994: Extended-chain lamellar structure and chain segregation in lyotropic liquid crystals of poly{5,7-dodecadiyne-1,12-diol bis[((4-butoxycarbonyl)methyl)urethane]}
1994: Poly(2,5-dialkoxy-p-phenylene)s - synthesis and properties
1994: Rigid-rod polyelectrolytes: synthesis of sulfonated poly(p-phenylene)s
1994: Synthesis of alkyl- and alkoxy-substituted benzils and oxidative coupling to tetraalkoxyphenanthrene-9,10-diones
1995: Molecular dynamics of poly(.gamma.-octadecyl-co-methyl-L-glutamate) in ultrathin films and in the bulk
1995: Self-assembly of comb-like ionenes
1995: Synthesis of triphenylene-based porphyrazinato metal(II) complexes which display discotic columnar mesomorphism
1995: Ultrathin membranes of molecularly reinforced liquids on porous substrates
1996: Direct imaging of individual shape-persistent macromolecules and their interaction by TEM
1996: Morphology and strength of high performance main-chain liquid crystal polymers
1997: Chain conformation and packing of isopentylcellulose in thin films
1997: Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes in the Solid State: Facile building blocks for self-organizing materials
1997: Room temperature silicon wafer bonding with ultra-thin polymer films
1998: Design, characterization and processing of cellulose-S-acetyl: a precursor to an electroactive cellulose
1998: Direct observation of the behavior of single macromolecules at the gas–liquid interface
2004: Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse oligofluorenes
2005: Monodisperse oligofluorenes with keto defect as models to investigate the origin of green emission from polyfluorenes: Synthesis, self-assembly, and photophysical properties
2005: Packing and Uniaxial Alignment of Liquid Crystalline Oligofluorenes
2005: Substituent effect to prevent autoxidation and improve spectral stability in blue light-emitting polyfluorenes
2006: Room-temperature nondispersive hole transport in a discotic liquid crystal
2006: Supramolecular Structures in Aqueous Solutions of Rigid Polyelectrolytes with Monovalent and Divalent Counterions
2007: Equilibrium Length and Shape of Rodlike Polyelectrolyte Micelles in Dilute Aqueous Solutions
2009: Amplified spontaneous emission in optically pumped neat films of a polyfluorene derivative
2009: Multiple H-Bonds Directed Self-Assembly of an Amphiphilic and Plate-Like Codendrimer with Janus Faces at Water-Air Interface


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