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Watanabe, Y.

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Watanabe, J.;   Watanabe, Yasuomi;   Watanabe, Yasushi;   Watanabe, Yasutoshi;   Watanabe, Yasuyuki;   Watanabe, Yoji;   Watanabe, Yoshifumi;   Watanabe, Yoshihiro;   Watanabe, Yoshio;   Watanabe, Yoshitane;   Watanabe, Yoshiteru;   Watanabe, Yuki;   Watanabe, Yutaka


Aoki, K.;   Kagiya, T.;   Kato, M.;   Koide, N.;   Nishimoto, S.;   O'Keeffe, M.;   Ogama, T.;   Plévert, J.;   Terashima, K.;   Teshima, Y.;   Yano, S.

Publication Titles

1979: Dielectric relaxations and intermolecular interaction in several binary nematic mixtures of p-methoxybenzylidene-p'-n-butylaniline and nonmesogenic compounds
1986: Material design of radiation-resistant polypropylene: part II -Importance of the smectic structure produced by quenching treatment
1996: Synthesis and physical properties of .pi.-conjugated polymers containing mesogenic group
2001: The invariant cubic rod (cylinder) packings: symmetries and coordinates

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